Ex-Pastor's Murder Trial: Blood Splatter Expert Testifies

Defense expert says injuries to Arthur Schirmer's wife, Betty, consistent with car accident.
1:40 | 01/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Pastor's Murder Trial: Blood Splatter Expert Testifies
The murder trial of former pastor Arthur Sherman in. Seems to be drawing more attention. Some of that attention includes camera crews from the CBS show 48 hours. And from members of the church community here in the Strasbourg area so we want to come. And be able to -- because Lebanese peace. Would be upon everything that happens here during the trial Dana and -- and Linda Kiefer co pastors of Strasbourg Wesleyan church. They're here to watch the trial of the ex pastor of the United Methodist Church in readers. Arthur Shermer is accused of beating his wife -- in July of 2008. And -- Parker after fifteen years to make it look like she was hurt in Iraq. But he died there. From this a lot of people on both sides. Who is struggling with that which happened in that which is being discussed -- that which is going on. And we just weren't -- to be part of the defense called this blood splatter expert to the stand. She questioned how state police collected and presented collecting evidence taken from the car and taken from the garage where prosecutors say -- -- his -- The next witness this forensic pathologist. Countered the prosecution's argument that -- repeat -- -- and his first wife jewel. Then staged accident to cover up the abuse. -- -- died in 1999 after falling down a flight of stairs at the couple's home in Lebanon county sheriff -- still faces trial there. As for the two pastors who came out to -- this trial Monroe County -- more about seeing those who were being affected by the case who have broken. That they would experience the peace and we're just here to express the love and grace of Christ for everyone everyone is impacted by this tragedy.

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{"id":18248188,"title":"Ex-Pastor's Murder Trial: Blood Splatter Expert Testifies","duration":"1:40","description":"Defense expert says injuries to Arthur Schirmer's wife, Betty, consistent with car accident.","url":"/US/video/pastors-murder-trial-blood-splatter-expert-testifies-18248188","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}