J. Paul Getty Center Opens to the Public

Dec. 12, 1997: The $1 billion museum in the hills builds on the collection of art first started by J. Paul Getty.
2:24 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J. Paul Getty Center Opens to the Public
In Los Angeles this weekend some of the well connected will be getting a sneak preview of one of the world's most elaborate art centers the Getty museum. Here's the talk of the town it's described as everything from eight cast Sobel stupendous beauty to a stack of refrigerator doors it's already an LA landmark. Now the question is will of people come here's ABC's Brian Rooney. It sits high above Los Angeles every view a mixture of what was built by man and nature. It is 72 acres of gardens and architecture she did a hundred ship loads of Italian stone all on a mountain top reached by a tram way. This is what a billion dollars will buy. You have to students. It you have to get him here. While the rule will come for the scenery and hopefully they'll stay for the the art is mostly pre twentieth century in the tradition of a collection started by the man who made this possible. The late. When. 1976 he left a trust of 700 million dollars a lot of money. But since then the trust has ballooned to more than four billion dollars. Allowing the museum to do things on a scale that maybe even. The scale and beauty of it compensate for not having the greatest art collection. The Getty has grand goes irises and important works by artists most people never heard but the world's best start is in much older museum. We knew we were not gonna have the greatest art collections in the world or even in the United States could be important but not the greatest what we could be the greatest out. Was giving visitors. A really memorable experience. The sky lights automatically play the right natural light on the art and computers are available to answer the public's questions. It has a research in restoration center as well as a library at 800000 volumes but the most stunning thing about the Getty Center is what was built to house the art. A designed to make high culture into popular culture. To see. Extraordinary collection that. Exists that the Getty but also to experience this very special place. A place that is both art and architecture. For the sake of people. Brian Rooney ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Dec. 12, 1997: The $1 billion museum in the hills builds on the collection of art first started by J. Paul Getty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"30050603","title":"J. Paul Getty Center Opens to the Public","url":"/US/video/paul-getty-center-opens-public-30050603"}