Pelosi blames Trump for creating obstacles for voters

"It's a health issue; you shouldn't have to choose between your health and your ability to cast your vote," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a briefing on Thursday.
4:37 | 08/13/20

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Transcript for Pelosi blames Trump for creating obstacles for voters
Much is being fed. And different about the lives. And the widely. Seen compete. Lives and livelihood is the American people who. It is also about the life of our democracy. So I see much in the news about Postal Service. And what they're trying to do the Postal Service. Which is what they've always had an idea of privatizing it because that's who they are. But this coming at this time. Postal Service is one is the most popular. Agency of government it's a quasi. Government agency. Nonetheless the US postal Serb. Memorialized in the constitution of the United States have she's so my letter. To the members in the letter and members cent. Two museum. To the postmaster general. They coat the congress empowers congress. To establish post offices and post roads. So we have a role been. In the heroes act would put 25 billion dollars. That figure is the figure that was recommended. By the board of governors of the US Postal Service. Bipartisan. Board of governors of the US Postal Service. 100%. Appointed. By Donald talked. 100 consent appointed. By Donald China. 25. Billion dollars. They also western trying to cut billion dollars short for some infrastructure. And trucks and all that we didn't clip that in this bill. Would put that in our moving forward infrastructure bill and hope the president. Would come around to that so what was immediately need it now. This money. So the president says he's not putting up any money. For absentee voting and he's not putting up and money for the Postal Service. Undermining. The health. Of our democracy. The money for the elections that is in the bill is not just about absentee down at the ballot. If people. To help reason to vote by mail because you don't have to go stand in line for hours and maybe have more proximity. Than you can you. Wanted dead or go to a polling place that might not be. And it spaced approximately. Everything health issues you shouldn't have to choose between your health. And your ability to cast your vote. The M. But the money and that they Ellis about making sure that if you want to go to polling places that they are spaced. That there enough polling places. That they are open. Sufficiently early that they are open. In terms of days in terms of hours in the day that they are sufficiently. Available for people. To vote without jeopardizing. Their and that that they would have gift boxes to receive some it's similar to bring his or her. Ballot to a boxing GC and Ohio they announced they just having one box per county. I guess that says and a dish courtesy to the people of Ohio who may want to vote that way. But there are people who think. That dinner. The post offices at election central. In this election. Maybe the president thinks that two and that's why he wants to shut it down. So again post offices pillar of our democracy. Sending medicine to seniors pay checks to workers tax refunds. To millions and absentee ballots. Now the president is making big distinction between acts nothing wrong with absentee ballots I just don't like though I'm in. The sentiments don't carve up and just call it absentee ballot the exactly the same thing. And his family if that's it to you before has been home. Active in recent elections spring. In California and robo calls urging people to get in their absentee ballots and that some. And consistency not surprising but nonetheless. And tear on that.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"\"It's a health issue; you shouldn't have to choose between your health and your ability to cast your vote,\" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a briefing on Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72358773","title":"Pelosi blames Trump for creating obstacles for voters","url":"/US/video/pelosi-blames-trump-creating-obstacles-voters-72358773"}