PSU Alumni Raise Funds for Sex Abuse Victims

Grassroots alumni group aims "to put focus back on where it should be."
2:46 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for PSU Alumni Raise Funds for Sex Abuse Victims
And so much focus on Penn State and its legendary -- deeply troubled football program and -- Spend a few minutes now return to those at the heart of the controversy and the victims. Joining us now is Jerry needle Penn State along Gerri thanks so much for journeys are referred from students universally is now coming along we have -- live how they feel about the weather university have a listen. What that this scandal push you to do. It. Clinton clearly very troubling situation in our hearts go out to the victims. Yeah I think most importantly for us as we -- alumni we sat around. Watching this and feeling helpless and and felt compelled to do something -- A few of us grassroots. Alumni group. Just started mobilizing to. Raise funds for for the victims and put this back. Put the focus back on where it should be which is the victims and you know we partnered with -- dot org. When the largest. Anti sexual violence organizations in the country and just put it out on FaceBook and Twitter literally. Last night. And we've already raised close -- eighteenth 2000 dollars and couple hours. 181000 dollars so -- what's your goal our goal is 500000. We want to raise that minimum one dollar for every. Each of 557000. Penn State alumni. You know last year initially though it was a two part question -- did you guys wanted to bring the focus on the victims but also ask -- How you felt about the way the university handled this matter what's your reaction. I think it was a difficult situation. I I think there was a a lack of communication. And -- it to some extent. I'm happy -- to see that now they're -- starting to be more leadership take control of the situation. But as as alumni again and we're not affiliated with the university in any formal way we're we're just trying to. Do the right thing that the focus back on the victims and -- also we've had a one of them really interesting things as we've had a lot of outreach to us from those in the Nebraska fan base with -- big game this weekend. And they're jumping on board trying to figure out how they had -- how they can help in all this. So's you know again that put the focus on the victims and also take the take away the emotion. From all this and and and support our student athletes in what will hopefully be a great game on Saturday. I think a lot of we will have basically refocus back on the victims -- -- -- we appreciate you coming and talk to us and best of luck with that your grassroots organization that.

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{"id":14928504,"title":"PSU Alumni Raise Funds for Sex Abuse Victims","duration":"2:46","description":"Grassroots alumni group aims \"to put focus back on where it should be.\"","url":"/US/video/penn-state-alumni-raise-funds-sex-abuse-victims-14928504","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}