Penn State Football Interim Coach Speaks

Tom Bradley says he takes Joe Paterno's job with "mixed emotions."
4:07 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Penn State Football Interim Coach Speaks
Thank you for coming. As you all know this is a difficult time for Penn state university. Its students alumni and supporters. Coach Joseph Paterno serve this university as an educator. Football coach. His impact locally and nationally is immeasurable. For the first time in sixty years. Coach -- will not be coaching Saturday's game. The circumstances and allegations surrounding this case were terrific. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families who have suffered. After the board meeting last evening rod Erickson and I selected Tom Bradley. To serve as -- Penn State in -- -- head football coach. Tom has dedicated his career. To serving his alma mater. And helping student athletes excel. On and off the field. We thank him for that unwavering service. And we look forward to his continuing leadership. As acting athletic director I will ensure that our department. Will provide the resources necessary. To support him throughout his transition. And that our department and student athletes move forward in a new direction. Our football team and staff have worked tremendously hard this season. And will push through this adversity. We are particularly proud of the accomplishments of this team. And especially want to honor those seniors. Are finishing. Their -- collegiate careers. I hope that -- student athletes and fans will continue. To support them and show Penn state pride. Families who Entrust us with their children. Demand us to be Stewart's. Role models leaders and solid decision makers. We will take that responsibility. To heart. And Tom will certainly take that responsibility. To heart. Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming our interim head football coach. Mr. Tom Bradley. They take this job with very mixed emotions due to the situation. I've been asked by the university by the board of trustees. I brought -- action to. Handle this and I told him I would do it last night. And I will proceed in the matter that the state expects -- -- -- now with the players last night and today I told in the expectations are the expectations. We're not gonna waver from that. And them that's where we are right now we players come over last evening to the last building. We talked about certain things we went over certain certain ways. We -- this morning to have a staff meeting and and as a team in 8 o'clock. I have no reservations about taking this job. Com women out that you learned it would be on the interim coach. I was actually. -- in my office watching film last night. Like -- do every Wednesday night in the phone rang and it was right direction -- on the phone about. Well. -- -- -- -- -- And he asked if I would take -- -- was in -- football coach and I accept -- And I proceeded to make sure -- got -- the team captains and other people. So that we can get started immediately on the process. First off I -- for -- the victims agree for the families. I'm deeply saddened by that the -- great emotion and I say that. And you know the football part we will -- work and on that right away right now. I think he should know where our team is toward -- -- wish -- and his toward those children. Toward their families and our thoughts -- prayers are with them.

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{"id":14924079,"title":"Penn State Football Interim Coach Speaks","duration":"4:07","description":"Tom Bradley says he takes Joe Paterno's job with \"mixed emotions.\"","url":"/US/video/penn-state-football-interim-coach-speaks-14924079","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}