Pa. Gunman Tackled by 2 Witnesses at Town Meeting

Police say quick actions of "very courageous individuals" likely prevented more bloodshed.
4:34 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for Pa. Gunman Tackled by 2 Witnesses at Town Meeting
I wanted to provide a bit of an overview of what occurred last night some of the information has already been released and we have some additional information were prepared to release this time. Last night at approximately -- -- -- PM. State police received a call of an active shooter to Ross township. Municipal building. There was of these supervisors meeting going on and troopers immediately began responding to that seen. What we learned as the investigation unfolded and in troopers got there was that we had six people. Who had been wounded by gunfire at that location. We learned that an individual by then the name of -- Rockne Noual. Had arrived at the super writers meeting. Took a Ruger mini fourteen to 23 caliber rifle. Approached the front of the building. And opened fire through -- window of that building. The bullets passed through an office and over into the meeting room where the township supervisors meeting was being held. There were approximate fourteen rounds fired from that location. Mr. you'll also then went to a side -- work. As he approached -- were fired several additional rounds from the -- -- And and entered that door firing rounds into the -- meeting room. He retreated from that door. Return to the front of the building and a few additional rounds were fired at the front door of the building. Again directed toward the meeting. In total it appears that there were about 28 rounds of -- 23 ammunition fired from the rightful. Mr. -- and I returned to his vehicle and parking lot at the front of the building. Left the right when -- car. And and obtained a 44 Magnum revolver from the vehicle. And then approached the front of the building again. At that point. He entered the front door of the building. Again through an entry area past the offices and as he began to enter into the meeting room. Attendees at the meeting observed him returning. Two very courageous individuals who provided their names in just a minute they are heroes in this whole incident. Two very courageous individuals. Positioned themselves in ways that that they were able to to -- on on this subject as he came through the door. They wrestled with in. In an attempt to subdue him even while he was firing rounds from that 44 Magnum revolver. They ultimately were able to subdue him on the floor. He did -- sustained an injury from a gunshot wound to his -- In total we had two people who were killed at the scene. One who was. Transported from the scene. And ultimately. Passed away. In Catholic hospital down there and and and we had three others injured by gunfire who've been treated more provide that information to -- -- momentarily. In terms of their names and and conditions. Again this this could have been much worse had we not had the the quick actions two individuals. Who -- -- interceded. And stopped this from being much worse. The the investigation is continuing at this point we still have the crime scene secured and are continuing to process -- at the super -- building. We have another location. Former residents of the the subject. That is also being processed at this time. And we have now located yet another residence that he has been using and we are in the process. Securing that and what's been secure we're in the process of obtaining search warrants and and we will be processing that scene as well. So there is very extensive investigation -- the way. Both you know and at the original scene. And -- these other locations in order that we can have a complete picture of what occurred to planning and things that went into this coincidence. At this point there is no reason to believe that anyone else acted with mr. new. And he has -- net charge. And is in the Monroe County correctional facility at this time on a charge of criminal homicide and some other related offenses.

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{"id":19884207,"title":"Pa. Gunman Tackled by 2 Witnesses at Town Meeting","duration":"4:34","description":"Police say quick actions of \"very courageous individuals\" likely prevented more bloodshed.","url":"/US/video/pennsylvania-gunman-tackled-witnesses-town-meeting-19884207","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}