Pensacola shooting victim’s family speaks out

Joshua Watson was killed in a shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.
8:04 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Pensacola shooting victim’s family speaks out
I'm ABC's stepping dramas in Pensacola Florida just outside the naval air station here where a gunman opened fire inside one of those buildings killing three sailors. We spoke to the family of one of the sailors Joshua Caleb watts at. Here's how his family's remembering him. He was very excited to be here can continue his training to become a pilot he graduated from Annapolis. Just this past me it's just me. Had he always wanted to go into military is always wanted to soldier from the timing sponsors. We always knew that he would he would serve it's country needless. Driven then. He had everything planned out years in advance has our brother he encouraged us to always push forward home. Other members of our family he's incurred to them and push them to greatness. Talk about this. Paulson time. This just shows that he has been. How creative of course. The fat that Caleb would take the time. To do something about this where this chasm. With. Young person after young person. Two midterm the you know to encourage them. To know that you know. And you know we want him remembered for backed. He looked to spend. It. When he heard there then rationing. At the naval air station what went through your mind. Exactly what went through them. Woes. If Caleb. To put his hands on women he would stand. This post he would defend this site looks. That's what went to in my mind. And we were Colin and I emailed Lehman. Seen emails and this is that we're all worried please please let us now that you're okay. As the morning progressed. His. Primate for three years reported to us that Carol have been taken to hospital. And we need to come to Pensacola. We were expecting upon our son wounded in the hospital. And only around the check in staff greeted us and to this to a room. The within the hospital in. At that moment we. We kind of need whether pics and details. We've heard that he just even though Caleb and shot multiple times. He still. Can rebrand them out. And told their persist ponders exactly where this stimulus. That is true possibly seeking countless lives talk with about. Terrible had always told us that he wanted to take the flock to the enemy we're that us. I'll spoke to the officer. She told me that was this was last program there. He some polish church. Blue curtain. And gave a report the description of the shooter. And where he believed his location laws. And I took off to do their duty. Can come prodded. The attacker. Until it time to process it's really tough we're we are per okay. Are joyous been stolen. We had in. Just pianists. Now on can land there is another shooting. Hand. I had I think con man and it you know I never want this to happen and never rule out. When I'm asked and this to happen to thank him. I don't innovators parents and hasten mom. If it ever happens. You know I'm go when he. He turned to what he wouldn't think. Senator in this country. The town. He was officer of the day. And he defended his post. An armed. The navy and FBI and everyone have been very tar famine because in the past. Creative. But. Probably the hardest thing for us do lose a family. Is my brother was on often. I'm brother's been shooting. Since he was young. All of us mercker photo shoot where you know my brother had been armed. With subdue a much different functions. These young men and women that are standing watch. Need to be armed. And personal lives to keep the building secure. Chris Manning and challenge. The unity to change that. Wait we've actually heard that something is being changed. We're just whopper to be. Done with full measure. To Isabel more how he felt about having. Foreign nationals. In his cost. Well who's very positive when we spoke about it that he admit. Mimi. Service member showroom several foreign countries allies and that is its. And he was so positive. He called them professional sailors. He was happy to serve with are. Some people need saying. His lines and its foreign nationals Hamas training with Unix sailors soldiers murdering all. The services service members. I'm in missions in the not letting this divide Hanson and given what just look at what it wanted how do we move forward from this. When he when he until evaluate. The vetting. And we need to proceed with wisdom. And now he jerk reaction. You know these are our allies. And true. Some of these people live their heart speak feel with hatred. And they chose to go down that path them. Our family my camera. Can carry what had to bear these consequences. Of their actions. I would ask that we not try people for evil. And that we be was that in our decisions. And how we go forward. So who. Patten censoring things go from here. I mean we don't Rowland Smith has been soundness from around the world. Yes people contact audience do. It's just been a night. And he was courtside. He was write offs. It was women like their his life. His hope is always knew we always knew that this. That he could lose this life and service this country. We just didn't think that Richard happening. Florida. The navy has also identified the other two victims. Nineteen year old Mohammed heat them and 21 year old Cameron Scott Walters. The grief felt so much so in this community and across the country as the FBI continues to search for answers. I'm ABC's Stephanie Ramos in Pensacola Florida and you're watching ABC's lie.

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"Joshua Watson was killed in a shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67761100","title":"Pensacola shooting victim’s family speaks out","url":"/US/video/pensacola-shooting-victims-family-speaks-67761100"}