People Busted in Funeral Scam

California police say group begged for money to bury babies that didn't die.
1:39 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for People Busted in Funeral Scam
What would you do if you saw a sign like this accompanied by a woman pleading for help. To pay the funeral expenses up her baby girl who apparently died at less than six months old. The only thing is Fontana police say it's all a lie. And they say it's a scam that's been happening out here for the past six to twelve months and they were tugging on people's heart strings. -- -- using the emotional aspect to get money. But they were absolutely up to no good. Four people have been arrested so far. 21 year old Heather Nichols 22 year old Katherine Mendez twenty year old chastity to all. And 26 year old Joseph Mari Carter but would it looks like at this point in time is that the male was the ringleader. Putting them on the street corners to solicit donations. Under the ruse that they were helping to pay for the expense of the funeral. But it was -- -- giant -- and they say it's been happening in several cities across Southern California. Even into Arizona. Here in Fontana they were working the street corner at valley -- citrus weeks. CNN -- -- turnovers staying girlfriend mind then no one gives -- any involvement from what I know that. Well she was making between seven and 14100 dollars a day -- -- is terrible. Taking everyone money in a time like this I don't know us. You don't notably that asked that his you know autopsy have -- -- I think happened before you don't. There's a difference between someone that's down on their luck and somebody that has dishonest intentions able bodied people that could -- gain full employment. But rather are out soliciting funds. In such it despicable way.

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{"id":14788005,"title":"People Busted in Funeral Scam","duration":"1:39","description":"California police say group begged for money to bury babies that didn't die.","url":"/US/video/people-busted-in-baby-funeral-scam-14788005","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}