People come together during this challenging time

While scary numbers of fatalities are reported, stories of hope and survival are on the rise.
5:03 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for People come together during this challenging time
So many stories to tell people coming together to give others a reason to smile in these challenging times and James Longman. Take it away. Hi guys it seems like they're trying to virus measures are getting stricter and stricter everyday were the same time. Stories of hope and survival all also on the increase. I'm of the numbers of fatalities being reported the whole time is easy to lose sight of the fact that the overwhelming number of people who get corona virus. Recover from it. Right center on good news roundup that this week with sunning offered this couple. In southwest Colorado that they have paid for the testing for that in Hayat community. Check it out I had a shot at them. One of people and sent to you people stopping on the street and minutes and must be a real relief to annual community that you're doing this. One when he announced Tuesday. Sneak. The medical sounds. You know people or we're trying I think really give us want to know that you care and that there were able to do something going to get information. We wanted to. The hardest part about this pandemic is now part of what we do this let us now we have the tools to view operas are everyone wants I'll beat this is really a time when he's trying to help bridge other. Virtually everybody here in our community and immediately and has been just overwhelmingly supported and it's humbling and it's it's amazing and I think they're saying you know even though we're far. And that doesn't mean that we how. Steel armor can means that it's the ultimate example I recently sat straight time in. To walk softly and he kind. Bands operate from a position of health clubs and. What an incredible thing today. Count music as he scene has brought people together during this crisis but this week we've seen some pretty amazing singing. Where here into the pack of the residents with the special guest that we need to remind them the moment is building Alvarez has not left the building. Someone who. Yeah. Yeah okay. Yeah yeah. And finally not letting distance stopped a 95. Birthday senator. Song on this latest. And best wishes to hi I'm everybody else who might be some reason. Now if you're trying to keep in shape during this crisis and how his case. For inspiration and French run not run and in Miami math on his balcony this week. It took nearly shut not a holiday it's seven dollars to do this he said he did it as a thank you to help what is. Around low just because all of favorite gym is a place. It doesn't mean our favorite one counts how do and yeah. Can Davis gone cold sinks below highs and full trading. City it one. So don't sit down. Don't sit down. Okay. That might be a chance to try something new I'm just a quick tip if you already using. Online health guides and train is only mr. Graham and elsewhere. No money left open the night to get them back do you tell remember a lot of these guys are self employed him and how they gyms open. About the stream of income that is an ounce on Sunday and Monday nights did not but I. Can we how cool loved people's home videos from all over the while there check out off favorites election. Off people's Korea Graf home dons retains Chica. So that was no good news roundup of the week we want to leave you with the beautiful voice of Neil Diamond he's transformed sweet Caroline. From public service announced. When you Chan yeah. Don't judge me. And along. We're definitely was for one of Austin lived by stay safe. And begin to show up. Thank you James and thank you to all of you for keeping us laughing and dancing and smiling through.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"While scary numbers of fatalities are reported, stories of hope and survival are on the rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69761321","title":"People come together during this challenging time","url":"/US/video/people-challenging-time-69761321"}