People of El Paso say Trump not welcome ahead of impending visit

An El Paso Walmart representative said "the president should not come and he should reflect on his own words."
3:13 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for People of El Paso say Trump not welcome ahead of impending visit
And guys and we want to Washington where as we discuss president trump is planning a somewhat controversial visit to El Paso tomorrow. Asked some residents in democratic leaders are saying he should stay away in the wake of an attack on the Mexican and Mexican American community. Where they believe. They believe was incited by his racist rhetoric Sy want to bring in. Jordan Phelps at the White House. Jordan at what does it mean to have the president show up under these circumstances. Well Kimberly normally it's very powerful to have the commander in chief. Go to these communities who are in mourning stand shoulder to shoulder. With those members of the community an act essentially has counselor in chief but as you point out complicating matters this time is that there are many in these communities. Who say the president is not welcome represented at ask a Barnes a Democrat who represented. The El Paso Wal-Mart that was shot up says the president should not coming he should reflect on his own words which she says have played incidents. So while the president now is delivering a message of unity and calling for the country to come together many of his critics are pointing out that. One speech strongly condemning white supremacy and racism doesn't make up for a mountain of rhetoric. That has released viewed anti immigrant. Since man from the president of the United States. Again just to follow up on that you know the the president said yesterday on that. Kate has no place in America. Many people are bothered by his racist rhetoric that he is using the past so how would the president. Work on racism when many say he participates in it. Yeah absolutely Kimberly the New York Times is just out with. A really interesting analysis showing that the president's own campaign has spent more than 2000 pounds on FaceBook. This year using that word invasion to talk. About the border and about in that ratio and so this is really an example of how the president's own campaign his own words. Have really. Gone in the opposite direction of what is now the message that the White House is putting out so there really struggling in a sense to make the president effective messenger. On this topic weighing his words have not always been so diplomatic shall we say. Yes so aside from his words what is he actually looking to do two help this issue. Kimberly we heard the president yesterday talk a lot about mental health talk about limited red flag lot that would. Allow us to take guns back from people who were shown to have serious. Mental illness. But the White House also says that the president is still open to hearing other themes. Kellyanne Conway the president's top advisor told me this morning that the president is still open to talking about background checks. Even now the president made no direct mention that in his remarks yesterday which was notable because just hours earlier Kimberly I remember that the president. Think he was open to expanding background checks she says it's still on the table and that he's willing to talk about a number of other things. There's also talk about the White House taking. But we're not hearing a lot in the way of specifics at this point Kimberly. All right Jordan Phelps right there at the white house with the updates thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"An El Paso Walmart representative said \"the president should not come and he should reflect on his own words.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64807757","title":"People of El Paso say Trump not welcome ahead of impending visit","url":"/US/video/people-el-paso-trump-ahead-impending-visit-64807757"}