PETA Thanksgiving Ad Targets Kids

Controversial ad compares eating turkey to eating a pet dog.
4:53 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for PETA Thanksgiving Ad Targets Kids
The activist group of people for the ethical treatment of animals is known for the shock value of its ads urging people to shun her and meet. Their campaigns it certainly push the envelope in this year's Thanksgiving -- is no exception take a look. The ad compares eating Turkey to eating your pet dog. Joining us now to discuss Peter's latest ad as their manager campaigns Ashley -- Ashley thanks so much for joining us. Having -- -- about this -- it's creating a lot of buzz at what point is trying to make. -- of the holidays should be. A time for celebration not cruelty to animals. And turkeys are just as intelligent and sensitive as dogs they have the same ability to feel pain. And they are very. Playful and affectionate and curious creatures when people when they get to know and trust people. So silly question how you now that it Turkey feels pain -- we know that. Well you know I mean it's there's actually no scientific. A reason to treat turkeys and -- differently than dogs or cats. New any any biologists will tell you that -- turkeys have the same capacity to feel pain. As any other animal. -- is so there's really no reason to you. Call turkeys are food while we're calling dogs are friends and those photos we showed they sure are cute -- -- you think it's a fair comparison -- Turkey that's specifically bred for consumption and a household pets like you know your pet. -- -- -- Absolutely. And love their dogs they love their -- That people don't want to participating cruelty to animals so when people learn that it's. Turkeys on factory farms. And in slaughterhouses are mutilating without pain killers. That's they're crowded so close together that they can barely lift -- wing. People -- horrified and they realize that this has no part in their Thanksgiving celebration we carry you guys planning to place these pads. We looking at several cities across the country. And -- we are looking at locations near schools. Because children it naturally love animals. And so we're hoping that this will be a way to open dialogue between children. And their parents so you know that make kids can encourage their families to have cruelty free -- is -- new target audience for Peta to sort of start. Enlisting children and your cause as opposed to more adult targeted asks. -- we've always seen that children just. Naturally. Understands. That. Animals are sensitive and and intelligent and deserve their compassion. Unfortunately. This is often beaten out of them by how fast food ads and the social. Conditioning that told them that it's okay it to you. Consume animals even though they do you feel pain feared just like their dogs and cats the -- look at home and and even -- he meals are much healthier for kids so on the so we found that that since kids you have this natural compassion. That's. He appealing to kids is a great -- you. -- Get the family started talking about how they can have -- cruelty free holidays and -- it's -- dot traditions that our. Kind to animals you've also asked the town of Turkey Texas to change its name is this a serious proposal. Well it says find that lighthearted way. Bringing up this serious issue of how turkeys are being. Abused on factory farms and slaughterhouses how they are intensely confines and -- -- mutilated about pain -- want it -- -- hearted way to talk about. And you want attended change their name to -- -- which I doubt they will but. It's Peta has built a lot of ad campaigns around this time of the year around Thanksgiving. Why Thanksgiving and not say that Christmas ham or the Easter lamb. Well people. Absolutely. Should consider the animals when -- -- planning their menus that Christmas and thanks our Christmas and Easter as well you know. We thought that it would be a good time to let people know that for all of their holidays. There are options. That are cruelty free that are packed with protein -- -- absolutely delicious and that are just a couple of aisles down in the grocery store and -- people can start with Thanksgiving and we do hope that they'll continue with Christmas and and with the other holidays throughout the year. Well at all is Peter you've got people touch it actually -- thanks so much for joining us thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Controversial ad compares eating turkey to eating a pet dog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14968180","title":"PETA Thanksgiving Ad Targets Kids","url":"/US/video/peta-thanksgiving-ad-targets-kids-14968180"}