Petit Home Invasion: Second Man Guilty

Connecticut jury finds Joshua Komisarjevsky guilty on 17 counts including murder
1:25 | 10/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Petit Home Invasion: Second Man Guilty
A verdict in this afternoon in a violent and deadly home invasion in Connecticut. -- congress are just be found guilty of seventeen counts including the murders of Jennifer Hawke Pettit. And two of her daughters I was as a part of market Seles was in the courtroom when the verdict is -- He joins us now with the latest -- markets. Analyst Joshua comments -- -- He showed no emotion the -- Stanley very subdued as well as the jury read that verdict. Guilty on all counts all seventy counts including. The capital murder counts that. -- that -- -- condoms are just He will now face the death penalty now after more than eight hours of deliberation over two days comes or jet -- was found. Guilty on all seventeen counts relating to that. Fatal triple home. Home invasion in Cheshire back in 2007 Jennifer Hawke Pettit. Was raped and strangled her daughters Hayley and Michaela died when the house was set on fire. During this trial I was our -- these lawyers argued that the co defendant Steven Hayes who was the person responsible for the escalation in violence -- that comes or just He repeatedly told them. He did not want to kill anyone that evening that was a big distinction for the jury to decide if it wasn't so much. Guilt or innocence it was intense because -- -- would have been found guilty -- being an accessory to the crime that He would have been faced facing. Murder. And not the death penalty.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"Connecticut jury finds Joshua Komisarjevsky guilty on 17 counts including murder","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14732627","title":"Petit Home Invasion: Second Man Guilty","url":"/US/video/petit-home-invasion-second-man-guilty-14732627"}