Peyton Manning Gets Released From Colts

Veteran quarterback's departure comes after 14 years in Indianapolis.
1:39 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Peyton Manning Gets Released From Colts
-- months it has been the worst kept secret in professional sports. Peyton Manning is looking for a new team after the Indianapolis Colts decided to cut the future hall of Famer. -- -- -- -- -- -- What do it do the right way -- -- there -- things OK there right now you know good. The veteran quarterback flew into town last night with the colts owner Jim Irsay says it was a tough call clearly they have. Turn a chapters and there obviously gonna rebuild it with a new quarterback going forward. Radio first pick in the draft. The Indianapolis Colts select quarterback -- Drafted in 1998 Manning never missed a single game until being injured in the 2011. Season. He would miss the entire regular season undergoing multiple neck surgeries. Without him in the colts' only managed to win history bad enough -- -- the first pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Without that they're expected to draft Manning's replacement Stanford QB Andrew Luck. This marks a new chapter in patent life. And certainly in new chapter in the -- about history. And will go on from here but. -- -- done in Indianapolis. Probably will never be eclipsed. The record for time MVP -- onetime Super Bowl champion will now look to continue his career elsewhere those who saw him throw at duke last week that was five days of throwing. According to my sources told them hey you look like the same old -- to me. Manning was to a 28 million dollar bonus if he stayed with the colts and with the latest injury that was too big of a -- to take on -- soon to be 36 year old. Even if he is a former Super Bowl MVP. TJ Winick ABC news New York.

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{"id":15870096,"title":"Peyton Manning Gets Released From Colts","duration":"1:39","description":"Veteran quarterback's departure comes after 14 years in Indianapolis.","url":"/US/video/peyton-manning-released-from-indianapolis-colts-15870096","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}