Philadelphia 76ers Tie Losing Streak Record

In a season of misery, the Sixers tie the NBA record for consecutive losses.
6:53 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Philadelphia 76ers Tie Losing Streak Record
This is a special group. -- a different path. -- we see this whole thing. Through a far different lands. A different path different -- indeed that was Philadelphia -- coach -- brown getting. -- philosophical after his team's 26. Consecutive loss last night Houston putting them one defeat away. From owning the longest ever losing streak in NBA history last night's loss tied Cleveland's record set during the two -- -- and it also taught with the NFL's Tampa Bay Bucs. The last 26 straight across -- -- They're way ahead of hockey's Pittsburgh Penguins lost eight in a row a 2004 and just ahead of the -- Who lost 23 straight in 1961. So with more on Philadelphia's -- season. Joined by -- about it -- export ban. Little -- tears in Philly but some perspective on this though. Is this the worst team in NBA history. I don't think we can say that just yet I mean there's if they lose out the remainder of their games and go 36 teams and battling that I think you can eat fairly set but. There have been some real bad teams in NBA history we're -- -- C a little bit more -- -- guests. I OK guys that you see you are on that you are -- that bandwagon that there is some optimism there's some hope there -- -- the new we ought to avoid that title. I mean -- they're not gonna be favored by any stretch of the imagination over the remainder of their game but -- -- this is what we knew we expected coming in -- -- in a set of best. There's an idea that this is what we're looking for down the line for the future we have a plan in mind. This is gonna be a bad team no matter what but I don't know that -- -- to be quite this -- Yet -- the expectations weren't exactly high going into this season so where exactly did things go really wrong for the group. I think it's really depends on beat beauty of the US -- I don't know what they're going wrong debate the other plant in Philadelphia was indeed. In a team that was rebuilding it was going to be any sense of getting a lot of times young guys getting you know sort of fringe players an opportunity to see if they can earn their way into the -- are tons of minutes for Michael Carter Williams their first round pick full year for New Orleans -- well -- first round pick to get healthy. This is sort of going all according to plan -- but. The into the treated -- don't want to -- turner and Spencer Hawes two veteran players certainly lowered the ceiling for this to us. -- well on this unfortunate. Streak here is sixers power forward Thaddeus Young talking is -- yesterday about where -- -- -- -- As that's always the most frustrating part unity in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's just China's assignment found a way to win. Me personally. I'm going up their game on 10%. -- and policy. Conjecture about -- -- Given a 110%. Frustrations the same time does the -- -- -- quit. -- I don't think so I think it's I mean that he's young and has been a professional asleep for quite awhile now you know he's. -- you know of the sort of the last man standing from of the veterans that it headed into this season. I know he's under contract for a few years he's pretty handsomely paid I think he's going to be a part of that the long term future for you know the next competitive iteration of the -- And direct the remainder of the roster a lot of young guys and -- that guys that are -- -- -- the prospects -- -- -- -- -- looking to make carve out on a -- themselves in the league so all of those guys have a lot of incentive to you -- that 110%. Brett ran his first year as an NBA head coach again has -- reasons you know you continue to work hard to see candidates and provide atmosphere and got to be successful so I don't think it's anyone's -- given up by I just think that. Realistically the composition about roster is such -- there's not a very high ceiling boredom will what's puppet show like tomorrow in Detroit going up against the pistons. How well that's I mean -- not great teammates it's being imagination but Detroit is three you know against the sixers this year they've -- the sixers by an average of fourteen points per game so. You know I was are predicting -- might suggest that to try to get it -- -- -- as well. I like the -- -- you say predicting and not betting because jobs are not trying to advocate that kind of behavior -- so little let me ask -- so it seems that the NBA is just like the split sport right I -- teams are there really good. The -- spurs pacers. Or there on the other side the bucks the -- why. Quo. A couple of -- you know for one thing you've got no teams like. -- Milwaukee and Philadelphia that are you know there in rebuilding -- that don't have established talent on the roster. There that -- in glamour markets -- sometimes difficult the attracting and retaining. I'm major free -- -- guys wanna play with other great players that can help them compete for championships or they wanna live in the Greek -- where they can make a lot of money and and in themselves that -- the on the court not working out. So I think -- sometimes there no markets had a difficult time. And the other ones don't have -- to -- San Antonio they've been the you know fifty win team for 1516 years competing for titles there's something established theory say I enough -- -- better and I'll take a little bit less to go there. Those other franchises that -- -- you know financial disadvantage your talent disadvantage sometimes those or climate this event it is sometimes have a more difficult time retaining and establishing act. And it and I can't culture and a -- thank you very difficult to win over once you've lost them obviously. Right right. So -- and with you on an opt out if in fact really does get the top pick. For the draft are and that's and as -- gadget that's gonna happen thanks -- BA lottery -- though should they. I think it's the there's a lot of the job opportunities than their but I think they got an issue relates to injury -- out of Kansas not have a little bit of a -- -- -- exits in his college it's his junior college and likely is college career. We expect him to come out in the draft but transcendent athlete a guy who can be no -- make a difference on both ends of the floor are you doing defender and he's got -- -- to be spectacular running the floor. Has -- -- the highest ceiling as an offensive player of any guy in this -- They've already got a big long armed defensive player in their homes while they expect to have that next year many Jo -- -- seem a little bit redundant. The reality is -- -- and the eighties helped all over the court but. I think it was me I want to sort of credentials and the franchise I think -- -- beating. Well and you know listen there could be a -- the French us tomorrow get Detroit you never know the street could break tomorrow there. Is very well could but again I would be predicting -- Again I -- I appreciate in value that they had about exports that excellent -- have a good -- -- of course. You can follow the sixers big game Saturday in real time by downloaded ABC news App Store the store for exclusive updates ago. Now though I'm -- Cutler and New York witness ABC news -- special report.

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{"id":23268177,"title":"Philadelphia 76ers Tie Losing Streak Record","duration":"6:53","description":"In a season of misery, the Sixers tie the NBA record for consecutive losses.","url":"/US/video/philadelphia-76ers-tie-losing-streak-record-23268177","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}