Phoenix Shooting: Suspect on the Loose

The gunman shot and wounded three people at a Phoenix office building.
0:42 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Phoenix Shooting: Suspect on the Loose
Suspect is still outstanding we believe. What happened is -- about 10:30 this morning the suspect came to this location we believe is that male suspect we believe he was -- -- He went into good at building an office building with the intent to contact some individuals some type an altercation ensued in which she shot. Several people in that office. And get a lot of questions that are investigators needed to sort through and find out identifying who -- witnesses. Who may -- victim. By that I mean there were several individuals were -- we don't know it's precisely that there any other victims at this individual may have pointed to get out we just don't know. Doesn't appear at this point there was a random act appears it that he came here for a purpose. That individual still outstanding -- -- report.

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{"id":18357671,"title":"Phoenix Shooting: Suspect on the Loose","duration":"0:42","description":"The gunman shot and wounded three people at a Phoenix office building.","url":"/US/video/phoenix-shooting-suspect-on-the-loose-18357671","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}