Photographer Falls Into Chimney Atop Chicago Hotel, Dies

Nick Wieme climbed into a restricted area while trying to get a photo of the city.
1:39 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Photographer Falls Into Chimney Atop Chicago Hotel, Dies
A man trying to take a picture of the city on top of the InterContinental Hotel climbed as high is he could go into a restricted area. Above the luxury hotels iconic dome. Then he went -- -- ladder attached to a chimney but authorities say it appears he lost his footing and took a fatal fall into the towering -- -- The medical examiner has identified him as 23 year old meet queen of Chicago. The victim fell about 22 feet. I was late in the bottom of the chairmanship. -- the 42 floor we have we have some numbers from the -- down on the ropes to assess his condition. Firefighters got to the scene just after 1 in the morning shutting down Michigan avenue in between Illinois and Ohio. BC -- was talking to them at first then they lost contact with him about two hours into the rescue. He was apparently able to communicate briefly with his girlfriend threw his self. -- we found the best way to get -- -- would -- about two floors below we had a caught the duct work for determining which was made out of steel. What eventually ended up -- the victim down into the whole -- from the field. It took about four hours to free Ream who was pronounced dead just after 5 AM at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Fire officials say he was on the roof with his girlfriend. Who called 911 but they were not staying at the hotel. Many guests never even knew anything happened until the sun came up bad surprises. Yeah I had no idea. We were out there we went to -- late last night got back -- They so now I didn't know anything. He -- side video -- wonder why someone. -- -- -- --

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{"id":17967754,"title":"Photographer Falls Into Chimney Atop Chicago Hotel, Dies","duration":"1:39","description":"Nick Wieme climbed into a restricted area while trying to get a photo of the city.","url":"/US/video/photographer-falls-chimney-atop-chicago-hotel-dies-17967754","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}