Photographing the class of 2020

Matt Mendelsohn takes poignant portraits of seniors graduating from a Virginia high school amid closures caused by COVID-19.
4:28 | 05/14/20

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Transcript for Photographing the class of 2020
Finally tonight honoring a senior year cut short because of cove in nineteen was school shut down in graduation is canceled. One Virginia for tiger for it took upon himself to honor the class of two point 18. ABC's David Wright has the story zero. Your photos of his senior year cut short dork tower high school and ask. Each way home it's me me about champions. Recite illness. Never. Around looking at the pictures right now there's a kid Eric it is telescopes. Amateur astronomer Larry. Beckett Jonathan he built the bigger telescope the larger barrels telescope on the left of that picture and then he sent me pictures of Saturn. The rings and I was just blown away. We're talking dramatic Mandelson who lives in Arlington his daughter is a junior at Yorktown. Connections at school and I thought this is my neighborhood and it's my high school and my daughter will be a senior next year and so. You know I just showed up. He's been a photographer for 35 years former photojournalist for USA today. Moonlight during the quarantine. Taking the portraits of the class of 22 it. This is not you know six lights in saw boxes this is the opposite it's I drive to somebody's house on the born. And here comes out. There by the garage but that's pretty sidewalk. You know safety is this is this the overriding. You know concern. Not great portraits here. That's good or anybody that is the typical high graduation right now there's real easy thing I'm trying to be. Creative and clever within the constraints being safe and that things very. A lot about their. Beatles sound. Stone over Beatles are right here with his record just like I was in yields. There's a girl here it looks like you're looking Gordon back actor. Right and that's yeah yeah. Think that you just have to describe these and I know exactly who you're talking. Yeah is all about tightening this shoot. She ran into her house and she said I have to show you something. She came running back out the portrait of her mom that I had shot in 2006. I have long forgotten. But she was well it was three years old and she was on her mother's back. Bob tell me. It looks like a young man who's already running for president. That is Peter and Peter is a remarkable young man he wants to be the first congressperson. With several state and every student reveres here. Really brilliant and they never once have you shop Peter yeah photographs Peter yeah and it's like who's this Peter didn't and he really is remarkably young man. There are 500. Seniors in the graduating class Mandelson hopes to capture all of them. Rooms and home these are whimsical programs credited minute background maybe the fact that most of these kids are smiling back. Makes me a little bit of that or saline picture room and gospel reading the candidates right. Then you know is this chronicle a look and enlargement of the world's worst celebration. It is org or maybe it's just. We evolved in my in my mind it started oh yeah. Okay lost you know more than just lost wrong we're talking Lawson the bass season plus the senior year loss of you know your friends and it is oh evolved into. And my eyes sort of chronicles. Plus years and somebody has seen the way we look at it burns documentary and saying. Well this is a cross section of the class of 22. Who lost their seniors spraying. Their dreams and are still intact. Burning down much brighter because of this sentence. We all share. Disappointments. Unique to them. But their experience. Universe though legacy. Carry with them what they do right BC news New York. So many people lending their generosity and their talents at this time.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Matt Mendelsohn takes poignant portraits of seniors graduating from a Virginia high school amid closures caused by COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70671461","title":"Photographing the class of 2020","url":"/US/video/photographing-class-2020-70671461"}