Pit Bull Unleashed on Colorado Bride

Man suspected behind wedding-day attack is a troubled childhood friend of the bride's.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for Pit Bull Unleashed on Colorado Bride
I didn't deserve -- -- our main thing they hope could you do Nancy mean. Strong words them and Britney Cortez said did this to her wedding photos show Brittany and her new has been out of what she says well -- the highest came to this home. Where she was having her wedding reception and at least a pit bull -- -- -- attendance that didn't have. He punched in the face and -- had good craftsman homes she is stitches on her back and shoulder and you can see with the dog last -- Her husband Jorge also has bruises that dog after he tried to stop it and I -- I didn't for the -- -- because that -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- She was -- -- -- -- and says he's jealous she's moving on with her life. His sister Monica and -- -- -- -- supports the bride and what's her brother arrest and and I am sickened with my gun next Manning spent. You know because I am scared. This just wake up and he -- next to the -- She says her brother's aggressive it has been in and out of mental hospitals the last two years -- he's just scares me. Period 7 NEWS confirming the virus was on probation for destruction of private property when this happens. It has -- that's typical for ourselves in office. It may have made it goes into combat in every bit and that the didn't get.

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{"id":17028771,"title":"Pit Bull Unleashed on Colorado Bride","duration":"3:00","description":"Man suspected behind wedding-day attack is a troubled childhood friend of the bride's.","url":"/US/video/pit-bull-unleashed-colorado-bride-17028771","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}