Pizza Boss Poisoned With Eye Drops

North Carolina woman arrested after putting Visine in her supervisor's drink.
3:29 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Pizza Boss Poisoned With Eye Drops
It was a normal day at work at Pizza Hut and when's the last Friday ginger Watson in her role as manager trainee she doesn't want a short face -- wants her story told. She was instructing waitresses but she says 121. Year old Christina Webb didn't like what she was being toll. She apparently. -- despite seeing in my drink at the late edition. Stop it would be -- great way to give me diarrhea and get revenge Watson got sick and went home I had nausea and vomiting several day. I've had diarrhea. I had chills. -- haven't -- to eat I ended up spending the day in hospital. Its -- and antihistamines so when put in and drink for instance they can cause a lot of symptoms that Merriam president. Doctor Marvin Williams with midwest Haywood says putting fight scene and someone's drink is not only silly it can be dangerous. If you get enough of it like any other. Medication can cause cardiac problems and could -- -- Coleman and an -- case death Watson is recovering from what happened at work. Since that happened on the -- since there are workmen's comp is taking care of me and I'm very appreciative that. And wants to warn others don't leave drink had attended and just make sure people don't mess around with different taste funny you probably don't -- continues keep it. Still stunned Watson says web bragged about her actions to co workers -- to hear what I did. And -- and yet -- planning. Webber now faces a felony charge of distributing food or noxious deleterious material we just think -- make sure that. Advocates don't like the famous thank you -- funny.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"North Carolina woman arrested after putting Visine in her supervisor's drink.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14739514","title":"Pizza Boss Poisoned With Eye Drops","url":"/US/video/pizza-hut-manager-poisoned-eye-drops-14739514"}