Pizza War Ends in Flames

Domino's managers in Florida are accused of torching a rival pizzeria.
0:35 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Pizza War Ends in Flames
Comes from -- for the lake city reporter. These -- -- what for a local Domino's Pizza all right today's and you know what Papa John's is kind of -- are tough competitor what we do to you don't get a leg up. They decided how to burn down. The neighboring Bob Johnson they -- -- build some kind of device in the battery and -- whatever. Go to the store pretty much -- the inside a Papa -- reports -- they were however British and everybody. They -- the -- guys try to burn down. Republic store and competition that is -- type of these awards are these days impressively though they -- the fire -- thirty minutes. -- -- --

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{"id":14851230,"title":"Pizza War Ends in Flames","duration":"0:35","description":"Domino's managers in Florida are accused of torching a rival pizzeria.","url":"/US/video/pizza-war-ends-in-flames-14851230","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}