Better Place Plugs In

A world without oil is now in sight.
2:56 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Better Place Plugs In
Our dependence on oil and -- of our existence over how we resented. And electric future electrifying. Victory Hartford -- supply will -- -- Meet a man with a solution diagnostic in a sense if you want to think about it this is the classic. Batteries not included he's been dubbed the electric car profit it has to be -- that skills and -- not how do you build one car. But how do you still this so that it can become something that is used going 99%. Of the population. The past few years he's been on list after list of the most influential most innovative entrepreneurs in the world. His company is better place their product powering electric cars -- vision a world without oil. We basically came -- solution that has the ability to both charger car when your parked at home and it works we are always coming into a full tank. And switcher your battery when -- going on the freeway longer distance -- about -- If your batteries dying and you still have a ways to go you pull up to a switch station. The battery goes in and out it's supposed to take as long as it would normally -- -- -- gas -- And you don't own the battery so the cars around 101000 dollars cheaper just pay for the energy you use. When you buy gasoline car nobody asks you by 101000 gallons with a he shouldn't have somebody to by the equal one of 101000 gallons of driving in the form of better. A -- rolling out his electric car network in Israel country surrounded by oil rich less than friendly neighbors when you come and say oh I'd like -- and the -- and nobody says why they -- could you do it faster. Better places creating a network in Australia and Japan with taxis and Denmark where gas is around eight dollars a gallon. They've signed deals with Hawaii and San Francisco. But many doubt the model is possible in the states I think Israel's about the size of New Jersey even northern California. It would be very very hard to blanket that with the kind of battery changing stations that we need a -- he's just asking for a shock. Give -- seven days of gasoline use in the US is about -- billion dollars. We can cover the entire country. With the same network and get the US -- -- war. But American car companies haven't shown much interest in better place despite a potentially enormous offer. We're happy to. Listen order three billion dollars five billion dollars order for American -- and have a parlor that made any any of the American carmakers. There -- aware that you're willing to give them three billion dollars we were we've we've thoughtful. You're not getting any bites America. Night at the better place headquarters in an old oil depot. Large curious crowds come pouring through every day to see a -- -- vision of an oil free future. This is feel that their insurance if you bill that they will come. We know people show -- But they are they are showing up in their signing up in their buying cars Alex Marquardt utility.

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{"id":15426959,"title":"Better Place Plugs In","duration":"2:56","description":"A world without oil is now in sight.","url":"/US/video/place-plugs-15426959","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}