Plane Bursts Into Flames on Highway

At least three people were killed when a small plane went down in New Jersey.
2:07 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plane Bursts Into Flames on Highway
Deadly small plane crash at least three people. The plane went down and burst into flames on a highway and Harding New Jersey. The crash happened just about two hours ago -- route 287 near exit 34 Eyewitness News reporter and. I can't just outside the crash scene you can see it's an overpass over route 287. But yes a small plane has come down narrowly missing four lanes of busy guy to -- settle let's go now. To the live picture from news copter seven high above the crash scene of the plane appears to have gone down hard. Witnesses say -- crashed shattered and burst into flames aircraft parts are now scattered across the interstate. Nobody on the ground was injured but according to the New Jersey State Police at least three people on board the plane. -- believed to have been killed on impact here their identities could not be confirmed late this morning now. This all happened around 10 o'clock this morning -- exit 34 and I 287. Harding township Morris county New Jersey now according to the FAA. The plane was -- so product TBM. 700 that's a single engine turboprop aircraft. It departed Tito Borough -- -- river airport at about 951 according to air traffic control then vanished from the radar screens. The plane is registered to -- in New York City based firm called cool stream -- LLC know what the firm does was not immediately clear. According to the flight plan filed it was in route to DeKalb peachtree airport near Atlanta. When it went down -- witnesses say the plane spiraled out of control in the moments before the impact. There was a loud scream before it crashed there are aircraft parts in the trees here. Leading to speculation. That's something that might have gone wrong with the plane. In flight again way too early to speculate on a possible cause but again. At least three people according to New Jersey State Police. Dead here in Morris county New Jersey.

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{"id":15197860,"title":"Plane Bursts Into Flames on Highway","duration":"2:07","description":"At least three people were killed when a small plane went down in New Jersey.","url":"/US/video/plane-bursts-into-flames-on-new-jersey-highway-15197860","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}