Plane Crash Survivors Recall Frightening Ordeal

Coast Guard rescued two men after their plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Transcript for Plane Crash Survivors Recall Frightening Ordeal
I had an airplane at the landing gear went from down. I had. Radio that cable and a bit Islam found had. Instruments that failed. Pilot you -- right can quickly rattle off all of his difficulties in the -- But none come close to what he faced Thursday afternoon. We made to the halfway point and smoke in the cockpit which has a pilot that's your worst nightmare. He spent -- from they count the Sarasota Florida when about thirty miles off the tip of Louisiana and over the Gulf of Mexico. There was trouble. And Agassi playing back there and that was now we're in trouble so I've chopped the power -- both engines. When the -- straight for the water. Right crash landed the Beechcraft 55 bearing. It wasn't -- smooth landing -- We can hit bounds. And then the second time we came down it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- They were -- -- -- -- survival supplies flotation devices and for three hours wait for the Coast Guard to find them just before sunset reality started to sink it. And so we've got about 25 more minutes of daylight if they finest and twenty minutes were going home tonight -- not withstand -- nine here. Customs and Border Protection soon spotted the team. The Coast Guard hoisted them from the ocean. I sort of thing you know can't worry we're going to be -- have dinner tonight and I don't know. Am I getting at the T bone or -- rely. Right passenger -- -- it declined another plane ride Friday instead he's on a 24 hour bus ride to Charlotte's. Tiger around Earth. Day. Right -- an eleven year pilot plant to get back up soon. Both are incredibly grateful to their rescuers and perhaps also to someone or something now. CLU you wonder in a situation kind of wonder. You know maybe add a little extra -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17366730,"title":"Plane Crash Survivors Recall Frightening Ordeal","duration":"3:00","description":"Coast Guard rescued two men after their plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.","url":"/US/video/plane-crash-survivors-recall-frightening-ordeal-17366730","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}