Playboy Model Upsets Town

Merkel, Texas, residents aren't smiling at one of their own posing for Playboy.
1:05 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Playboy Model Upsets Town
Would you be -- in and -- from her home in the plane went. -- but it's true a girl from this tiny town twenty miles west of -- make it completely its December issue. Her pictures hit news stands Friday. In -- spread -- December or twenty year old rainy day Jordan is shown at home and it's riding horseback. Even needs -- does that one appear in the publication had people talking. Actually heard rumors about that one issue my sister's friends and it's not like Merkel -- it -- travel back. -- -- older vote it think it can tacky and we spoke to said miracles not kind of town. Back to find that kind of ninety pleaded means such when -- -- -- -- Animal oriented little town church on every corner kind of thing that's her individual choice but it's that it's don't think it would not be. I don't think that that would be -- thing I would want my daughter and particularly if -- got it. No all boys with. And yes I have -- -- from Merkel job until our very BC news.

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{"id":14926532,"title":"Playboy Model Upsets Town","duration":"1:05","description":"Merkel, Texas, residents aren't smiling at one of their own posing for Playboy.","url":"/US/video/playboy-miss-december-upsets-texas-town-14926532","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}