Police Chief Apologizes for 1940 Lynching in Georgia

Austin Callaway was dragged from his jail cell by a mob, shot and left for dead on a rural road in Georgia.
3:19 | 01/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Chief Apologizes for 1940 Lynching in Georgia
We play I deal with African American citizens. Who are suspicious I'm trusting apprehensive. About what the police do and say. And in each of those encounters. I have to bill individual trust because of some quarters of our city. African Americans are unwilling to trust the police because of their history. Regretfully. The role of law enforcement agencies throughout this nation. In the thousands of lynchings that occurred between 1870s. And 1960. Is deeply chapter. As one that is proud to be a police professional. I believe this period was our darkest hour. As the LaGrange police chief. I sincerely regret. And announced the roll our police department played in Austin luncheon. Boat through our action in our inaction. And for that I'm profoundly sorrow. That should never happen. I know. The women and men at LaGrange police department those here today and those that are not. Kidd then this one change and join in my apology to the family. I also owe an apology to an African American community. That is split but the burden frustration of injustice. That was the result of an intentionally in different criminal justice system. Many in the criminal justice system did not participate in lynching black Americans. That they had first hand knowledge of it. And did nothing to stop it. The tone of indifference was demonstrated in 1940. By the troop county Granger. Whose only recommendation. After reviewing Austin Calvert clinching. Was that that would bring city jail should obtain better laws or so hours. To the members of this church and the guests that join us this evening. Your support and presence. Communicate. Optimism that can influence our fellow citizens. And institutions. To work together quote take our chapter. There's. Your presence here also demonstrates the character that was not present in our city September 8 nineteen forward. Finally. This acknowledgment and apology. As a further opportunity to build trust. But. It must also be accompanied by accident. To never again tolerate a climate of injustice. May god bless each of you. And bless our efforts as we go forward. Together.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Austin Callaway was dragged from his jail cell by a mob, shot and left for dead on a rural road in Georgia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45094343","title":"Police Chief Apologizes for 1940 Lynching in Georgia","url":"/US/video/police-chief-apologizes-1940-lynching-georgia-45094343"}