Police Chief Refuses to Name Officer Who Shot Michael Brown

There have been both violent and non-violent protests for the past four days in Ferguson.
29:00 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Police Chief Refuses to Name Officer Who Shot Michael Brown
Well when I'm -- that's where in New York a little more than four days and four angry nights after Ferguson Missouri cop shot and an unarmed black -- Michael Brown. City officials are asking protesters. To stay at the streets at this as the police chief says that he will not release -- -- the officer who killed the eighteen year old. We'll have more from him in a moment first though I want to bring in from Ferguson ABC's -- Gonzales with the latest Marcy. They're dead as police and the Justice Department continue investigating there have been more violent demonstrations. People here are just demanding more transparency. Today police and Ferguson Missouri come forward to back up their place. -- the officer killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown this weekend. Fought with brown before shooting him in his face was swollen -- -- -- -- Then hit -- -- -- something like that the witnesses maintained there was you know fight. Claiming the eighteen year old and his friend were just walking where they were stopped by the officer. Adding ground had his hands up in surrender when he was killed. Death sparking three nights of violent protests. Officials say gunmen shot at police helicopters leading the FAA to declare this a no fly zone for low flying aircraft. You last night a crowd of about fifty people something blowing things that officers were sprayed with tear gas. So many still angry today that police will not release the name of the officer who killed brown. This person got to patent that officer on paid administrative leave police saying they fear for -- safety. We hear him. An officer's name released to -- a social media who was not the officer involved. But he's he's going to be -- his death threats and all kinds of things. -- outside -- this convenience store that was set on fire in the writing you can see people are gathering -- -- and all the way across the street are getting ready for a march it will walk alongside police. Calling for peace down. BC's -- Gonzales and Ferguson Marcy thank you for that I wanna do that news conference that we had alluded to this -- police chief Thomas Jackson speaking few minutes ago. And them. So. I don't really have any updates at this point I know there was a lot of questions that the people had for me and that in some meetings I wanted to make sure it just got everybody's questions out of the way the only. Updating things schedule we have right now is there's going to be a peace march. Unless fluorescent at 4 o'clock to put together by idea. AME church. So -- place. You would be Atlanta. He's -- photograph. -- -- -- -- -- reading. Something about -- He had completely black bankers and. And I saw the photograph that that is not the officer involved in the shooting at all. That officer was removed from the scene pretty quickly. -- very. The incident happened. Support. Minutes they were in the area there were a lot officers in the area and it has. Under these were things. It's his photo that is all good things that are coming down with the names yesterday -- -- there wrong names in the office. -- so audience games. It felt like me being released then he would not be angry and then. All we can do is is simply respond as they come out. And which which will do yes. And I haven't heard those. -- -- It was a little while you can do. What I'd be -- to him. How do we intend to release that information when it. We we have we have the requests were evaluating -- -- -- it'll be short. -- Okay. No that's not anything that I put out I think it's a really good idea because although all the people that are marching and protesting. Are our most of and there are very peaceful they have a very strong message they want to get out there looking for answers I understand that I understand the anger. But. There are some people that come out and and after target does get a little. Dangerous so we think it's better for peaceful demonstrations took her during the daylight. You had a question is receiving. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as long as it's peaceful in the not blocking the roads. You know it. Blocking the roads for a short period of time that's that's fine but we still -- have to allow. Everybody else who engage in commerce people to come and go to their homes or businesses people go back and forth to work we have to allow that to your left him. Right. That's all it is just the police -- him. Together there's an element that does try to provoke officers to take action I think the officers. By and large have responded very well they're you know considering. The amount of people and the amount of looting and in some of the violence in. And virtually nobody got hurt so I think that's a credit to to restraint. Yes. I didn't I don't know -- it is I'm. -- -- -- I didn't I didn't -- thing to do it. I don't know why it is a -- story. That's going to be Saint Louis county -- and it's my understanding that he has been but I I I can't say that for certain teams you had a question. I've small bore his name on the -- -- story about night. Provoking people today -- -- right. No I I don't think it was that kind of a message at all it's it's it's just you know please -- would be a good idea for safety. And police officers name. -- -- for two reasons. One for for the safety factor and and we've been over this before. An officer's name was released as being the one involved in the shooting he was not the one about the shooting however. There were threats. Against his life. And so -- of abundance of caution we -- that the value release in the name right now against. The safety factor to both. Him as -- his neighborhood and we we opted to have. Postpone that. Numbers from -- colors. The prosecuting attorney's stances that they don't release names of anybody -- -- formally charged. We'll surcharges that the state and federal. -- With the 911 thing he did you -- -- it -- being -- being discussed right now he's doing it for people who don't understand the process and saying why is it taking so long ones he's he's and. OK well -- we get requests for the 911 tapes. We have to download on the value in contact our attorneys and make sure that we're following the request properly. And I know grind slow but I apologize for a few hummingbird. Perfect moment when. Yeah. -- with a we've always had a real good relationship with all the all the -- -- associations. Apparently there's been this under -- That that now -- bubbled to the surface -- and it's our first priority to address it to to fix what's wrong. We're working very closely now with the Department of Justice community relations office they're making recommendations for us to. For training and things to work in and and get involved with the community that it is. At odds with us now and and to rebuild that that trust -- that relationship. She -- a homicide behind new Jersey's. -- -- -- last night incidents on. The incident was not caught on camera eating at Anaheim and community. -- It was one. -- -- -- -- It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have anything -- them. The drive by shooting. Well I don't have anything on that. -- -- -- I think we -- -- drive by shooting -- that they've heard they were shot in the head. But what else a superficial. At best all benefit from the officers got there she'd already left -- to the hospital. -- -- -- -- -- -- of LA just speak to that that that one also. That young lady. When she called she said she had been shot. Again as officers -- that it was superficial -- and she wasn't sure where she was when it occurred before. Business and on Hillary's. For heaven's -- do. -- other African American community animal. Bring in. You know. Great race relations as. Please do. Texas. Board this kind of get all the others -- -- really no matter the amendment. Needs to know what you gonna do about three injustice and racism. Flat out police brutality that have -- Mike Brown fat boy was shot and killed OK we're gonna do Obama. A race relations as top priority right now and as I said I'm working with the Department of Justice to improve them. -- realized the other justices any sooner there'll be no more these. Realized thank you for your comments. Yes mean that's just something they're gonna do. There's there's -- officers from other jurisdictions have been threaten her -- so yes. It there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're we're Brent dated -- this is still fluid situation but we do on a scale -- back when we think that. The peaceful protests. We welcome those in their step and up as long as the violence stays down our presence will be down. I carried the Pentagon has Michael Brown why it happened relief -- I think that was done after the autopsy yesterday -- -- is there are reports network camera -- news. When we do not have any of any video of the shooting Saint Louis county does not. People have -- have called reported that they did have video but the only video that was. That was turned over -- is. -- post shooting. Yes to say that the city Susan. This evening we'll what I mentioned it. I I don't know where that came from but not what we're doing we're. Activity on the streets we're just asking the protests the protests be peaceful we understand the anger we understand. That the people want answers we understand it we've got a problem. But we're just asking people to be peaceful and that we are actively working to resolve this. This situation to get the truth and get justice and look at -- -- -- -- ago. Is under its. 800 pound running through these -- That's coming up next how do you keep -- from his name -- -- it again. Again. And I'm being advised now by the community relations department of the -- bureau of the Department of Justice. They have a number of measures that we can use to improve. Race relations community relations. And I've I've told them to tell me what to do and we'll do it. At their life and video seen. And that they -- There are now dashed into the U -- -- -- Based on just how costly it is. You get them. -- read what it -- -- installment how many actually happened it rains actually. Here we got a 5000 dollar grant to purchased dash cameras which allowed us to purchase to complete systems and then. Two or three. Body worn cameras and we didn't have enough to pay for the installation so we're having to do that ourselves. And R&R garage so. It's just we just got him and and we're going to be installing them -- We got it this year that yes we him. Very recently just recently. Say about. During the game. Soldiers and -- military. -- -- -- it was military equipment that that was all the swat teams have their equipment -- those are big fans big trucks and that was. City swat team county swat team and I would join us. I -- -- heard it here. Deeply isn't -- them. -- bombs and so forth. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah okay. Eight I know. -- -- -- -- -- I hope I. Yes. He was injured. He's got side of his face is swollen -- -- -- -- but. Did he was taken at a hospital and treated for that. -- -- with a don't know don't know that's that's going to be in the interview that Saint Louis county did. That was that was that officers shot -- -- just being -- it makes no no he was the only one fired. He did anything. I met with county prosecuting attorney. Yesterday and he assured me that this is being done rapidly they have a lot of people coming forward as witnesses and that's that's that's what's really taken a lot of time. I would say at least two weeks company. I don't I don't that's that's going to be in the again I think most -- people know -- here I turn this investigation over to the county police department before I arrived on the scene. So I don't have access to any of that information coming. Don't know they'll be in the autopsy report. Don't know that's. -- -- -- part of. Me. And at this point no we're not providing. Legal counsel. We're live. There's there's not a -- -- -- I don't know where that came from. -- what we'd like to protest and ended dark. Just because it's as as you probably know it's just -- -- to unsafe after dark that it starts getting violent after dark -- -- -- They've been peacefully protesting here all week have been peacefully protesting here all week. Planet Hollywood action. Your department may or may take it protesters darting out here and it turns dark and they continue to protest despite your requests. -- now protest after dark. What sort of action -- None of. They're peaceful -- are not black and wrote an article grass and birds. I think it's around. The united the writing we arrested about 32 people for looting. And then a few more from lawful assembly eleven more with the -- -- told. Just over forty. With the might. He was he was taken in the emergency room yes -- it would. Not life threatening. Likelihood that the Irvington police department we will take -- he officers. -- yeah it went in front of them. -- If if the department has sued if he sued the department Prodi's suit as well. Again and yes we will I'm sure that our insurance rules will provide counsel for them. The at the commander on the scene. It. Sometimes it's Highway Patrol Saint Louis county. Us. Saint Louis city. Together there's there's one incident commander. One incident commander each night. Yes. He -- in hindsight about. -- -- -- -- You know and their complaints about the about the response from some some people but to me nobody got hurt. Seriously -- don't -- and they got -- even. I'm I'm talking about the response to them to the protesting. So. I'm I'm happy about that -- it and nobody -- images that. News. Yes. One in the short range is going to bring bring pulling -- and thank. Ferguson thank you. In the short run in the next few days. When you because everything has -- things right. But the good peaceful people of the community coming together. And although they they. I'm sure they're gonna continue to to protest. Program called -- with your feet but. Just a good people the community deciding that that the message. Is as -- by the violence and you want to get the message out to -- peacefully. And in this. -- that. Again. That's that's all in the Saint Louis county police department's purview I don't I don't have those statements has and it doesn't worry him. Reports that fire and no. -- -- I mean I think about it. Yes we're in constant communication. Instantly. What -- think. -- -- -- trying our best. You mean island. Eat -- -- never. Everything everything everything that that. That has been released by Saint Louis county -- is already out there and it was it was done a couple of days ago and I don't think that they. They have anything else released yet meaning it. Now know what you're talking about the investigation that -- -- talking about them via. The protest as far as the investigation goes I'm not -- Coming Leon as. It today your agency is not conducting. People become frustrated when -- can't -- getting into the collection how many times it was Michael rafts got. And -- on his body -- -- -- It wasn't -- it is going. Just as as an -- as -- -- heat why that information can't be released in this when people immediately did. -- yeah I understand and that's one of the things that Bob -- address at that meeting last night that we still have. Witnesses coming forward. And so we want what he wants is for them to come forward. And say what they saw but if if the information is out there of what what is the findings of the the medical examiner you know that it could. It could sway. You know the way somebody presents they're they're -- statement so we just want to make sure people come forward and say what they saw what they remember. And then when all that's done you know there's it's. That's when they'll decide on. That we'll. I don't think so. He wouldn't give an order -- the network perfectly against -- now. Yes. -- -- Yes. As matter of fact we're we're working through. -- from the Department of Justice community relations. Is arranging through. The local head of the NAACP. For us to at a meeting and that will probably taking place tomorrow. -- would like this. I think -- We'll just wait -- until that happens. They had to make -- of them -- now. Michael Brown bodies laying in the street -- cover. In your home are investigating. The feeling -- We've weeks we've spoken about this I was uncomfortable with that as well. That that there's two things to keep in mind first of all it does take time because we want to get this right we want the truth just like everybody here does. You only get one chance that that crime scene. And we wanted to make sure we -- Got it right the other thing that -- delayed it is while we -- near the the body. Gunfire was -- -- out from a building behind us so -- -- a couple of times so now we have to make sure that the crime scene investigators. Are safe. So that's that's one of those things that it really deleted as the gunfire. -- -- covered. It it was covered immediately. It was. Uncovered when. The crime scene investigators came to collect evidence and and process that scene but when that happened we put up. Barriers. You know for. For privacy out of respect business. Here. Now the -- being turned away red river rats and here's a better area behind me maintained that he I think. -- -- -- -- -- I I I hadn't heard it. I don't have social media but. Know it. I want I want free access you know then dissolve faster that that the one I mentioned the beginning. Was photographed nude pictures shown over the body again that you they've -- they identified as is perfect shot. -- the end and any other other other officers rather -- name. -- today as well. So where -- -- now had you obviously they're gonna become -- target zone they able to work a day holiday -- -- somewhere or what's the process. -- some some of the ones to some. A couple of taking taking some vacation time to get. Injured reserve was on the -- of deficit. Six hour. Forty caliber and you know Lebanon. Women the magazine and one of the chamber and -- -- Didn't regard so what -- the plans for tomorrow we. I don't I don't have the time yet. But it's going to be with. The whatever family wants to wants to see me. And with the local edited NAACP. And with let's read -- from the department of justice and the other. No no no -- I walked around with the mother. At at the crime scene along with couple of community leaders what about Yeltsin keeping them. I don't I don't think that would be appropriate right now what -- what is the significance. About night. -- -- -- -- Okay I understand that and I'd consider the Highway Patrol. But the timeframe to get them out most of their homicide investigators at Jefferson City. Or that that's closest troopers out Weldon springs and Saint Louis county. -- I have no I have every confidence and I've no doubt that they're gonna conduct this investigation. Impartially and that they're gonna give the prosecuting attorney. The truth. Yes I've asked them to. And it's -- -- Men have been try and to increase the diversity department since I got here. Did promote the first to ever African American supervisors and the police department. It's it's. It's a constant struggle to to hire and retain. Personnel. So over the past few years we've done is. Is not only tried to recruit but but improve quality of life in the police department to training equipment. Pay and things like that so that we can we can retain. I'll take one more question England. Significance of the quick trip things in this building why was it targeted -- I have no idea and no idea they'll connect you do this program here where none. Nothing thank you very much -- you talent out. That was -- -- -- police chief Thomas Jackson briefing the public. Asking that protesters stay off the streets at night this coming after four nights of protest from. An unarmed eighteen year old being shot and killed by police officer. Again though and and refusing. To name the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown chief also denied any rumors and reports and social media that is according to one particular officers -- -- fact that the officer that has been circulating online. In picture and a name is not the officer involved. As for the investigation he said it was quote -- it's a quote grinds slow. He offered no timetable for a decision on whether the officer will in fact be charged and if in fact he is charged. That in fact there is -- an appeals process in place. The questions they'll continue to -- few answers apparently coming their way the chief also -- in effect that he was going to take part peaceful march. This afternoon in Ferguson Missouri but again. The -- going out for protesters stay off the streets at night of course you can keep up with the latest from Ferguson in real time. By downloading ABC news -- -- store for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm -- -- and New York.

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{"id":24971183,"title":"Police Chief Refuses to Name Officer Who Shot Michael Brown","duration":"29:00","description":"There have been both violent and non-violent protests for the past four days in Ferguson.","url":"/US/video/police-chief-refuses-officer-shot-michael-brown-24971183","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}