Police Hold Presser on Deadly Oklahoma State University Homecoming Crash

3 people were killed and 22 injured in the crash Saturday.
10:40 | 10/24/15

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Transcript for Police Hold Presser on Deadly Oklahoma State University Homecoming Crash
You. Department. Hear. We track. And more. Single car. 2014. That loan was driven south main street. It first it and smokes like working on. And the continued and people. And this. Other Greek. Persons critically injured. They. The scene area. We. And serious injuries. It's. Walking wounded blisters injuries almost people it is ornamental. The driver of the war. Was arrested at this point drop in its. Her name is it deja Avery chambers. She is about your old still want residents. She's currently in jail here at police department. This point police department's accident reconstruction team is on C. We treat these public. Investigation. It takes several days to get this information just laws. That we've day. Information. I would like to take a day armored team and our. Oh. Or. Act. And entities work in the right on them quickly. You all yours you're asking anyone who actually witnessed the collision of these to work or. Number. And Alice. And moreover. Persons with India. It. Very important are these investigators. So please contact as we look. To get that. That well ahead regarding actual acts that. If you days at this point. He. Off. Good morning news waves Stuart court this morning is that your statement. Or accident that occurred on north main street today store for department responded with seven apparatus that location. We had two vehicles were it trailed in the parade today and immediately began. Moms for moms those. Injured in the his addition. The odds are staging. Make rapid transfer. He worked for those who were injured all the scene to area hospitals originals while those outside of Stillwater fire ambulance. That's really all the boxes Stillwater fire department has just done Jane Mayer nobles has a few states. Hi I'm gene an album started here. I just want to say we're heartbroken. At this tragedy. Concentrate. Die. Richard. Stiller got bored because. And had. As burns. We'll issue courses just devastated. It. The Oklahoma State homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome happy he has been in the country and handed. Fouls like this news victim thinks it's terrible tragedy. We reach out and embrace of the victims and their families. We we also want to use. Give our profound thanks to first responders I mean those who were actually they're out on the scene at time. But those that were there talked about how quickly. Of the responders deprived it expert work they did and tragically we lost three I hope we don't lose anymore. But but for them they could have been even worse. The the families I know and these victims and never be able to understand this or will we. But. The cowboy family pulls together unfortunately we've had to do it before and we're gonna do it again. So. God bless. And pray for him. Safety. C. Change. CH AM. Eight PRS. An element of the. Who they are just and where there's room. You can bet this bird they have been. Taken for treatment and we are still together. Yes man we will build them day to day. These interviews. Actually don't know for sure. This is an excellent. It's. What happens by local football. Seriously injured Joliet. There isn't and it would. Blood test we make there. And testing. And the well it's important she was obviously intoxicated when you. Guys. Certainly probable cause for the arrest if it does stimulate. And won't you answer right. Great. They expressed. Yes that in this action news you know it's about it belongs. That is it probably shut down again today for our investigative team still working the scene. Yet again. No indicates that. We're. I think he's talking about the tragedy of the Republican. Some of them incidents occurred news fast. Hello plane crash but to let teams and crashed into the I've we have confirmed it. It's not as do his fourth leading killer Rick. Partnering billion. Well it's just a horrible incident and it's very important we have to do this. It's worked goodness it's just. Hand. The families victims and our prayers. Her family as well. We'll never find understand. Absolutely two luminaries. That's lonely tree lot homicide investigation recently all. We're both direction. The vehicle was actually southbound on main street. Whenever a coach Paul thing. Tonight this. Well I don't know exactly. And that the police motorcycles parked blocks outbound traffic. I am. Cardinals out of these. Absolutely too soon to tell us I was there to speculate as. Investigators at it a living birds and witness to contact us directly. There. Police this. What else. I don't. And actually spent. Could possibly an I know that you at least two. We left the scene. That that. It would be right stay right I want it mention that we really talked a lot about weather played a game. Decisions I made it. We're gonna play and we're want to remember the victims. At the game and and we're good out. We're gonna we're gonna move forward but we will remember what's happened today. That he didn't hurt. Well I've been you're putting on your right hand. All. Then they don't that's all I have at this point thank you for your time for your patience as we tried this. Get that information to do this we will be publishing additional information as things available to us so what's our. The Stillwater city web site watch her FaceBook page. Which that it's. When we have whenever we have thank you very much.

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{"duration":"10:40","description":"3 people were killed and 22 injured in the crash Saturday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34704400","title":"Police Hold Presser on Deadly Oklahoma State University Homecoming Crash","url":"/US/video/police-hold-presser-deadly-oklahoma-state-university-homecoming-34704400"}