Police Officer Gives Working Teenager Bike for Commute

Phoenix cop taught Christian Felix, 18, how to ride after hearing that he walks several miles to work.
1:45 | 05/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Officer Gives Working Teenager Bike for Commute
Christian Felix has ever been in trouble with the law also what surprised him when Phoenix police Sargent Natalie Semitic pulled up next to him and thinking. -- finance on the over the minor Christian was walking home from a friend's house late one night when Sargent Semitic offered to drive him home. This is that really not. Safe area mean there was no residential homes or businesses open and -- -- -- desolate -- during that -- Sargent Semitic says Christian really impressed certain decisions real genuine I asked that it be ever been arrested before. -- -- You know -- -- Dennis bullies that everything was good but the sergeant says something else really stood out about Christian I asked him -- never had a bicycle that's a little bit safer than walking. He -- never ridden a bike before. So. And I was kind of shocked over this. Very young man having knowing how to ride a bike so sergeant Semitic surprised him with this new bike it's really something when someone comes -- it comes up on the street and there's a deal like a -- -- you. Easy easy on seen him like that but after he got his new -- he had to learn how to write it. She told me that she wanted to keep teach him how to ride a bike and she told me that she -- -- given a bike and like it brought me to tears because. She didn't have to care about my son to get to know him she didn't have to care enough to want to keep an eighteen year old guy how to ride a bike. Christians mother just as grateful for the gifts look straight at the horizon Nolan down that has given her son a sense of freedom -- appreciation. Is and it probably tell me I expect he sent me mom you know I don't know how to feel about this -- like I think I -- love this lady. He's -- -- caring about me and you said that I hope that I know her for along time.

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{"id":19158691,"title":"Police Officer Gives Working Teenager Bike for Commute","duration":"1:45","description":"Phoenix cop taught Christian Felix, 18, how to ride after hearing that he walks several miles to work.","url":"/US/video/police-officer-working-teenager-bike-commute-19158691","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}