Police Start Enforcing Curfew in Ferguson

Clashes continue as protesters want officer charged in shooting death of Michael Brown.
3:01 | 08/17/14

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Transcript for Police Start Enforcing Curfew in Ferguson
Good morning -- Dan Harris this is an ABC news digital special report a prayer service and rally planned for later on today and Ferguson Missouri that's after a rocky. Night on Saturday night police enforcing a midnight curfew aimed to keep residents safe and businesses from being looted as the man in charge of controlling the violence in the city is -- in an apparent contradiction. Here's a captain -- got to say yesterday about the impending curfew listen. Tonight we will enforce that curfew we want to force -- -- trucks. We want of course it would tear gas will communicate we'll talk about. It is yes but hours later they did in fact used tear gas -- does that it was because officers stopped man who'd been shot and they needed to disperse the crowd in order to reach the wounded -- and get -- to the hospital. And there are no signs that the disorder will and anytime soon and ABC's out -- as it right in the middle of -- all in Ferguson out good morning to you. Hey -- it was a very long night here in Ferguson as authorities struggle to try to get things under control and -- the chaos pretty much started at about midnight as authorities are trying to enforce that midnight. Curfew a lot of people who were out here just did not want to go home. And that's and police officers found out that some of these protesters were alarmed and police say one of the protesters somehow shot another protestor. And in order to get that person who was shot how they had to use tear gas to clear the area last word that person that was shot was in critical condition. Now when it was all said and done -- seven people were arrested for refusing to leave the area. But of course this is not over just yet that prayer service and rallies scheduled for later today and we're told Michael Brown's parents may be attending that rally -- that of course draw a large number of people so authorities. Are paying close attention to this because of course there's always the risk that things can get out of control. Again and yet but it's it's the daytime -- that seems to be peaceful its lead when we get into the nighttime that. Things seem to get out of hand we've seen night after night in this what do you think it's gonna take. To stop it because clearly the curfew did not work. What that community here is pretty adamant about what they want to they want to see charges filed against officer Darren Wilson they say they will continue to protest continued to gather. Until they -- prosecutors file some sort of charges now. Authorities say that could be several weeks from now so it's unclear what's gonna happen between now and if and when those charges ever come. So we. We may be looking at gap period here that could be filled with turmoil and unrest unfortunately -- -- thank you for your reporting safe. And dad be sure about a way to stay tuned abcnews.com throughout the day for all the latest updates on this story -- the full wrap up the day's news coming up on world news. Thank you for watching this ABC news digital special report I'm Dan Harris. Have a great day.

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{"id":25012894,"title":"Police Start Enforcing Curfew in Ferguson","duration":"3:01","description":"Clashes continue as protesters want officer charged in shooting death of Michael Brown.","url":"/US/video/police-start-enforcing-curfew-ferguson-25012894","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}