New Poll Shows Most Americans are Against Assault Gun Ban

The Hosts of "The View" take on this "hot topic" of the gun control debate.
5:10 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for New Poll Shows Most Americans are Against Assault Gun Ban
Gun violence is the making headlines not on an almost daily basis this yet so tell me in this new poll surprises at all. Right now to warm Americans are against. A ban on assault weapons. Men have been against him in the last twenty years so they want more of them. I don't understand how it works explained so now I'm getting a manicure pedicure I happen assault weapons. Black I'm getting a pap smear. I did get I didn't have an assault yet. I'll let's say I know it is like I have it is not what I really taken with you everywhere you don't you never know what's gonna happen so I had to carry this thing wherever my aunt had to have any fun I was connect other assault when it's funny you bring up past. Ayers story because I actually had an idea for how we can really lessen the use some simple assault Lebanon when he had traced. I think we need to start naming them after tampons I think if we named the fall flat ends after Tampa have some examples. Imagine leaving the house of your pocket pearl. More your appeared to look loading up the gentle glide I like men. Who like assault weapons we have fresh balance when wanna use of fresh sound to tell somebody out here. Not me who can that I think that that actually the one way to stop. Certain people especially from buying AK forty Kevin. I received an I think it's spread to at an axiom is people there. I mean people don't realize actually win an assault weapon looks like maybe bats we suspect did we shut and just yeah yeah earlier that just can't let adding that neighbors yeah. And your. And I'm excited this gun. Is designed to kill people but out all into an incident there was no hunting with this yeah there was no longer an issue the squirrel and cook it. There's nothing left acting shoot what I think these people know that found the people who want it to keep that they know that well when here's the thing so. If and when you think about who was carrying the assault weapons is not moms who are. I hanging you up in the park. They're not carrying means these are carried by people poured taken out will reap the unit's work. Going to schools with things these some humor and a movie theater and somebody comes and where one. You got wind they got want. Nobody's left amendment that's I know I got everybody's shooting what else so maybe being just didn't panic I don't understand it but that plan. There's no redeeming quality it's pretty. When there's no it's not that there's no pause in between it's not like not and I in the levels of guns and Indonesia. And it takes time in and you do it again. That when you want load yeah among an eyebrow in Nevada were to just so we understand are created from the battlefields about World War I winds are you they would ban. Until 2004. And then they looked and tig to look at these numbers against the highest on record that have ever opposed the ban rather than supporting him but I think if you look at the psychology where people are in this country this big they're scared only 20% of Americans feel that the government is do we and not act to prevent that from the telegraph how how how how does that's who weren't with gets the seat of our country when had a when here's when here's the fate. Let's be thoughtful about bats. What does the government supposed to protect you from. Sandy hook didn't come from another country that came why haven't here in Connecticut Connecticut came at a here. Out North Dakota. Not on some Colorado are reunited got out all of these so many of the many Oklahoma Oklahoma ended that they came from here so what are we what is the government's supposed to death. Because it seems tell me. You know you want to ban people you wanna ban people from comment you want to build a wall how about an assault weapon wall let's build the wall about back. Idea it seems to me and I would love to have someone check and if the all of these shootings you're talking about happened after tornados form mostly because it seems like is that a cluster since that. So it did not happen before then if the didn't have before you have proof now that it doesn't work to other. Happened finding out that these are illegal purchases and people are using other people's guns I think people that they've gone along to you don't. You should go to prison tale because that it does have the guy in sandy look at his mom she's could be improved. Yeah. That example like I. And Bernadine the TU a legal weapon people give or less except right I think definition should be penalized the full well and I already. There's no way to do. But that's not the government's job that local lawn Platte is these are issues that. You we have to be Smart about how we do best because you can't say I want the government to protect because knock on what I had you know so far we've been relatively lucky. We've been relatively lucky that we're doing OK but Matt these you know these local home the things yes you know bad legal. And you have the band that thing if you make this impossible to get it comes the bad a lot of us aren't you sit models. Isn't that it isn't and noble. And it just did not that I know.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"The Hosts of \"The View\" take on this \"hot topic\" of the gun control debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35824289","title":"New Poll Shows Most Americans are Against Assault Gun Ban","url":"/US/video/poll-shows-americans-assault-gun-ban-35824289"}