Polo Tycoon Testifies at His Murder Trial

John Goodman takes the stand in vehicular homicide trial in Florida.
1:42 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Polo Tycoon Testifies at His Murder Trial
-- -- -- few years after the crash John Goodman is finally answering questions there. -- -- -- -- -- -- With stocks and -- he Rick -- attorney Roy Black what happened the night his question to Scott Wilson Monday. And my begins -- my. Breaks. And the car did not seem to be stopping. As. Easily as act. But -- is used to. He says the majority of his drinking came after the crash when he left the scene to find a well stocked bar at a nearby barn. And I went over and proceeded to grab a bottle of the liquor and -- trying to fit to believe you. Thinking it wouldn't help with my paying. But the prosecution quickly pounds. So that or -- -- Twenty cents. Here. Because I felt -- -- -- in an incessant singing and looked around and I didn't. -- Anybody or anything. Why didn't you don't. -- in major accident. 48 year old -- -- -- family's fortune appeared -- on cross examination but at times did well with veteran prosecutor Ellen Roberts. And ended. Absolutely not. -- -- -- -- But again. I have never mind the outlook to run as hard as I that I did the best I can do in I and then there's Carnahan noted Conan and tried to help whoever was -- --

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{"id":15974556,"title":"Polo Tycoon Testifies at His Murder Trial","duration":"1:42","description":"John Goodman takes the stand in vehicular homicide trial in Florida.","url":"/US/video/polo-tycoon-john-goodman-testifies-murder-trial-15974556","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}