Pop-up Diner en Blanc in New York City

This French-inspired all-white dinner has become a global phenomenon.
3:47 | 07/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pop-up Diner en Blanc in New York City
Yesterday we showed you the aftermath of our dinner on block experience but today I want you to show I want to show you a bit more of what happened. Before the rain so again this all white party is a legendary. And has become a global phenomenon and this year alone. 130000. People were park will participate. In eighty cities spanning twenty countries so it's huge and as I said the dinner happens in iconic. Public spaces. But the location isn't revealed until the last minute so here's a look at how it all went down. They're ranked Texas through rush hour traffic in New York City towards powers secret. Case. Iron. We finally Ryan and the trailer park to have dinner with over 8000 of our closest friends. Vietnam. Like is this your first time I am. It's not let your first time red yeah together. You're their hair thing you're like a veteran here a hangout as the eyed peas are who's so Patel. Look this up with a beautiful table. Amazing. Coming up somehow. Doctor. Lobster tail and arms it was. Gary Franks and. Yeah most of the guests are invited by its leader organizes dinner it's cooler in the ladies for their room. This group went all out of the winter wonderland. You guys have like no vision for what he wanted to yeah. Okay. I don't romantic. Now that everyone is ready to go. The dinner at this. And it's time to kick back and enjoy some new. Music and entertainment. It is an. Is amazing. The right now there the Broadway stars performing. It literally like two feet away doesn't melting their lungs out it's incredible. Truly magic moved lean mean that was about to turn. They even know the main thing but it might actually be the end because you see me holding an umbrella and started thunderstorm himself. It might be finishing early but. I think the night was a success anyway and most importantly. I kept my just plain. Independent little bit of the in brand. I. Now the dinner guests for moving their party. He means surely none of left school. Ever.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"This French-inspired all-white dinner has become a global phenomenon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64442280","title":"Pop-up Diner en Blanc in New York City ","url":"/US/video/pop-diner-en-blanc-york-city-64442280"}