Pope Francis Sets out in Historic Trip To Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jordan

Pope Francis sets out in historic trip to bring attention to the global war on Christians.
8:28 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Pope Francis Sets out in Historic Trip To Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jordan
-- -- -- -- -- before the Pope the leader of the Holy See heading to the holy land. -- Francis had Israel Palestine and Jordan this weekend visiting Christian holy sites. And bringing a message of hope. -- hot spot Jerusalem. -- in New York a warm welcome expected from most but there is some opposition to the pope's visit to Jerusalem. One thing is for certain security will be extremely tight right now want to -- -- ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran in Jerusalem where the latest. On the pope's visit Terry and historic. Event how is the arrival being perceived and received in the holy. It depends like everything else in this part of the world down on who you talk to which side of the bitter divide in this part of the world. You listen to for the Palestinians. And the Jordanians -- is actually going to Jordan first it is a moment for them to welcome. The leader of the Catholic Christians the world a shepherd to that many. In this part of the world and to get him on board in their judgment. For their cause Palestinian statehood. And and even before that Palestinian civil rights and rights in the in Israeli occupation the Pope will visit a refugee camp. When he is in the Palestinian territories as did Pope Benedict and so on that side of the divide. They are claiming that the Pope is essentially recognizing their cause and there are Israelis stand who agree with that and are unhappy with the pope's schedule. Which has him going to Arab places before he comes to Israel. But for the most part. There is a Francis effect here in this part of the world crossing that divide here in Israel. As well that sense of openness and natural in this compassion for the poor that he's brought which is made him very popular. A columnist here in one of the newspapers proposed Francis for chief rabbi of Israel that's not gonna happen but. There's hope that he'll bring some magic to this troubled part of the war and perhaps a bit of an extreme of high hope on that but that there is some protests though from some conservatives about his arrival -- they're not. Absolutely. There are ultra orthodox Israeli Jews who object in particular. -- that they don't like this this notion of the Pope coming and they -- kind of making a claim for Christians on holy sites that they believe. Are associated with Judaism in their interpretation and one side in particular. What's called the Senecal. The upper room if you remember you -- -- of the apostles it is. The place where the last supper by -- tradition is said to have taken place and -- Pentecost is said to have taken place. The Pope will say -- -- there and that has ultra orthodox. Jews many of them here in Israel. Very upset because they see that as the site of the burial. The burial site of King David which is a very holy site for a 44 Jews of course that there have been. Some angry protests but for the most part the vast majority of people here are going to welcome the Pope. He is after -- the third -- they've seen in ten years so. -- -- this. Digging to be a little common place -- -- -- Terry you had mentioned that one of the first stop for the first stop the Pope will be visiting will be in Jordan. There as you had mentioned planning to visit 500000 or so refugees from the Syrian civil war. And that's something that the Pope has spoken out -- frequently about. He has really one of the remarkable. Moments of his early papers in the first few months is when. He stood in the window of the papal apartments where he doesn't live by the way still prefers the dorm but he does speak from that window where of which -- -- by tradition. And with with great emotion you could see it in his just speculations he talked about the plight of Syria. And called for a 24 hour -- prayer vigil across the world. For the people of Syria it is something clearly that is quite properly. Disturbing him these horrific humanitarian crisis that the Syrian people on all sides of that conflict are suffering. And he's going to bring it bring it to the world's attention as much as he can. -- -- As you say by by going to this refugee camp and in particular ministering. To the Christians of Syria it's. It's at large population large minority population in Syria and they are really getting it. Coming and going there and so he is going to try to bring them a message of hope as well any kind of world figure that makes an appearance in Jerusalem obviously security is number one efforts to force a lot of people's minds. I can imagine it is no different than with the pope's arrival. Absolutely. They are going to button down this whole scenario lock it down. Beginning 24 hours and even more before the pope's arrival. Their streets will be closed they'll be of a bubble or animal large -- you'll see on television. That he'll be greeting people and walking through the streets but don't let that fool you they will have cleared those areas sometimes much in advance. We were down in the old city this morning here in Jerusalem at the church of the holy -- her will by tradition. -- Jesus was crucified buried and rose from the dead. And that merchants around -- people for a thousand years people have been selling religious goods there are very upset about the security because they are being shut down. They're gonna see any business from -- they're going to be dogs that are going to be sniffing through their shops in the shops will be. Lock and sealed. And so there for them paradoxically the visit of the holy father to the holy land. Is a disaster of business wise for them for those who sell holy objects. Go figure that and a bit of a logistical headache for those that are providing security because there was a decision for the Pope to travel in an open car. In the West Bank as well. That's right this will strike a lot of people. As a needless risk the Pope. As we've seen as somebody who shuns ceremony and opulence and the trappings of power and one of those. Is what he sees as excessive security. He's going to ride in an open car. An open cardinal Pope mobile Edinburgh problem. Through some of the crowds in both the west bank and Jerusalem and when he's not -- that he'll be in in an ordinary. Non bulletproof non armored sedan. That's his way as you say it must give his security people absolute nightmares. But I think he's trying to prove a point that that and he said this kind of thing in many places that. Not just hopes for treats its people of god of all. Face need to -- with the people be with them for being with. Those who suffer those who need comfort. And you can't do that I guess he feels behind bulletproof glass lesson territory let you go there have been some rumors of ailing health of -- 77 years old any concern that this trip is going to be just too intense for the pontiff. -- you know -- is an intense trip. In the space of a little bit more than 48 hours he's going to be in three different cities he's gonna see thousands of people. Big crowds he's gonna make thirteen speeches he's gonna have meetings with. Local leaders a local dignitaries he's gonna have to be shaking hands and doing dinner in the whole deal. -- in the space of just over 48 hours that is a grueling schedule for anyone but as you point out. There have been people who've noticed people in Argentina newspaper reporters -- his doctor when it is doctors and Argentina. -- reporters in Rome including. Our -- CB Nathanson in Rome. Who say that he's been looking quite tired and he's had to cancel some appearances recently. And so there is concern. That the burdens of the -- to -- which he seems to Wear quite lightly. But the very grueling schedule. On a 77 year old man who wasn't and the absolute peak of health. Might might be quite a bit and that is something to watch for on this trip. A breakneck itinerary that of course -- no doubt will be following ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran in Jerusalem Terry thank you for time appreciate that. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- start -- the -- for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching the international hot spot on Dan Cutler in New York.

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{"duration":"8:28","description":"Pope Francis sets out in historic trip to bring attention to the global war on Christians.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23845162","title":"Pope Francis Sets out in Historic Trip To Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jordan","url":"/US/video/pope-francis-sets-historic-trip-jerusalem-bethlehem-jordan-23845162"}