11-Year-Old Dies in Fall From Party Bus

Girl falls out of bus window during a birthday party outing.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for 11-Year-Old Dies in Fall From Party Bus
-- -- a date it was supposed to be so happy and did so horribly instead. This party bus was packed with two dozen kids were living rolled into her dad gets film -- -- convert to exit we -- Keith died on the road. How wars displaying. Really. -- About a hundred family and friends from Milwaukee were headed to a sweet fifteen celebration called the keep Sierra Crusoe -- good -- -- we're waiting. Good -- -- for so long. -- excited the -- with the kids turn of the southwest -- 6 o'clock Saturday. The little girl leaned against the window. And it somehow opened those emergency exits are designed to be secured and closed unlocked and one of the questions I -- investigators will be asking us how is it that it came to be open. Whether or not it was faulty the big party the course canceled. While investigators try to understand how robust safety feature that supposed to help protect lives somehow ended. What you have been you. --

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{"id":17361260,"title":"11-Year-Old Dies in Fall From Party Bus","duration":"3:00","description":"Girl falls out of bus window during a birthday party outing.","url":"/US/video/portland-oregon-party-bus-girl-11-birthday-dies-window-us-17361260","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}