Potential Changes in Race Relations in US

George Stephanopoulos explores potential changes in race relations among US residents.
1:56 | 12/10/14

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Transcript for Potential Changes in Race Relations in US
One more FaceBook question and you all a chance to respond customs showing lots and and she says we keep hearing things need to change which they obviously do. What are people's opinion as to how they feel that change needs to begin. What steps to people feel first must be taken saying change seems to places a lot of talk unless steps to make that happen are actually put in place. So who needs to address or oversee making these changes Matthew dad you can at least. Our in our own communities and say what is our accountability and I do agree there's been much less a baton. In the law enforcement community and there has been in the African American community but that's the place to start but George. We have to rebuild our faith and strossen institutions because we have a generation that's growing up. It doesn't trust any of the institutions at all. This is a time when we ought to be focused not simply on a conversation and yes about Charles but also about changes. Then a meaningful and real when it comes to the criminal justice system and the system of policing and police accountability. We'll see continued move toward the demilitarization. Of please people war. Somewhat shocked when they sure those who have weapons of war on the streets of a fork I would hope that you see more focus on mutual aid training. Small town just can't handle major we ought to be looking at this issue of special prosecutor is being appointed to deal with cases involving. Police killings of unarmed civilians prosecutors are just conflicted local prosecutors are conflicting out. Well being able to properly prosecute these cases because of their relationship the police officers. Doctor king's or Ryan is the language of the unheard. Will be signed Ferguson the unheard black Hispanic. Not feeling like him what's what our nation has always proven our history. Is that we get it eventually everyone has some measure of responsibility. As a nation we've proven. That once the unheard speak out we listened we get a.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"George Stephanopoulos explores potential changes in race relations among US residents. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27513655","title":"Potential Changes in Race Relations in US","url":"/US/video/potential-race-relations-us-27513655"}