Powell Investigators Search Landfill

Volunteers help sift through paper for clues about Susan Powell's disappearance.
1:28 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powell Investigators Search Landfill
We want the answers search and rescue volunteers scoured through thousands of pounds of garbage that kind of stuff people dump that -- -- We're looking -- -- maps letters. Receipts pictures. Books anything that's available that. Might have that at connection investigators directing that a tip big Josh Powell disposed of something at the -- the -- for the fire. It's only a couple miles from the Powell home. I was here on that Sunday working and the whole crew it affected us very much hearing like -- said we could see the smoke. Our entire site. Outside the fenced off crime scene strangers visit the memorial that has risen. Flowers balloons and stuffed animals offered in memory of Charlie in -- in -- I needed to do something you know kids. -- having kidney donors -- say. That -- Smart -- -- Harvey is collecting the hand -- note people left on the fence at last night's candlelight vigil. The boys Bentley visited here after the public funeral service that drew more than a thousand people. When -- spoke to the relatives last night she realized they are still burdened by another deep wound. What happened to the boy's mother Susan Powell and -- Josh killer perhaps a piece of Paper will solve the mystery. The only thing left that can happen that could be a positive thing is maybe find her be able to have her return to her family. -- about the only thing left.

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{"id":15574355,"title":"Powell Investigators Search Landfill","duration":"1:28","description":"Volunteers help sift through paper for clues about Susan Powell's disappearance.","url":"/US/video/powell-investigators-search-landfill-15574355","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}