Power Goes Out at Pompeo Hearing

ABC News' Janai Norman checks in from the confirmation hearing of Rep. Pompeo where the power unexpectedly went out.
2:36 | 01/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Power Goes Out at Pompeo Hearing
Congressman Mike Pompeo has been before a senate committee. As a potential CIA director and there's little the news today but not in the way that you'd expect already. ABC's and to name Norman has been outside of that hearing room four arrested they tell us about what happened today. Along in the last humans we're just watching kind of opera of people walking out of the hearing room. We were sitting inside about 1015 minutes ago when the lights went out he was in tight that hearing room for the confirmation for senator. Mike Pompeo we were listening to senator Mark Warren Warner make his opening remarks and then the lights just went out and you can kind of hear a little bit of the gas people kind of taken aback by. The room completely going dark. And Warner continued with his remarks at first and then they called a recess to try to get the lights situation figured out and then there's kind of huddling with people inside trying to talk with the different politicians. We're still in the room during that recess but then it was just a couple minutes afterwards. We walked out to try to get up this live shot Matheny saw. Just lots of people walking out you can still see a little bit at the commotion here right now because we found out they all are switching. To a different rooms and we will have to go to. Another senate office building. Where that hearing only picks back up because the lights went out here servicing his everyone gets over there gets restarted we will be back in the room. To hear the hearing get picked back up on the. Haynes and they and service that not having expected to start off the hearing today but we will be checking back and we knew a little later she can give us a preview. What do we expect to hear from congressman Mike Pompeo what kind of questions is he going to be facing before that Senate Intelligence Committee. We are some of the big questions will be one. We his how he feels in terms. That back and forth a little bit between prison like Donald Trump and his skepticism. Over the intelligence committee regarding the Russians hacking. With intentions to influence the election so. We're anticipating some questions about that to see his stance and if he is confirmed what he would do to kind of mend fences between the president elect. In the intelligence community. Also. Senator Pompeo stance and waterboarding and torture we've heard him make some comments about that before so we are anticipating. He will get some questions about those and will be waiting to hear what he has to say. We will be waiting and we'll be watching alongside we've you to name Norman outside of what was the hearing room for Mike Pompeo confirmation hearing we'll check back in view. A little bit later.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"ABC News' Janai Norman checks in from the confirmation hearing of Rep. Pompeo where the power unexpectedly went out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44735056","title":"Power Goes Out at Pompeo Hearing","url":"/US/video/power-pompeo-hearing-44735056"}