The Power of Sound

Skywalker Sound's Matthew Wood reveals the secret of the lightsaber.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Transcript for The Power of Sound
Thank. That's -- I think -- Genre or sound. The it's great space is peel off -- -- -- -- check it among the offices loyalist. Do you have any advice for a young director. In terms of sound assignment on the -- -- the -- -- done. I think -- The main thing is just being open to sound just being. Recognize that as part of the process in Jordan with -- -- 50% in your experience field. For this demo I thought I would I would show you. Something from super eight. JJ really let us take the time and space in his editorial. Process to let us build a soundscape along with the visual. Sound as such. Emotional thing. Have a lot of latitude as far as how -- -- -- the audience some to believe that what they're hearing is part of what they're seeing -- biggest version view it when you are growing. -- -- -- Sound. You know feel like a film like it's funny because -- just it's Star Wars actually. And bird it was the sound he was actually my mentor when -- worked out here he. Created all the sound effects for the Star Wars films Indiana Jones passes and he says. Super passionate filmmaker sound designers I got really fortunate coming into this company. I came from orbit technical background. I was able to teach him sort of attack -- it is and he was on the able to teach -- the forresters design. And editorials it was a very good -- there for two people that come together this. The light -- and -- to my right on on the Florida's college dorm room when he was pulling an across the -- -- bring overtones because it was like wrapped and went behind a television set and there was so much radiation coming out of the back of assault seventies television it was like that it was written. It's -- Councilor took Matt. Along with this starter motor on this projector that was USC -- was it's unclear just when it started the arc by the protector is related to its. And it's. Those those two things gonna put together. Getting directors that are cognizant of sounds like how the bow making films -- you know you'll be doing. It's always -- to be conscious. And -- senior and yours and your picture editing process as well as even in -- you know story process -- -- sometimes you don't even have to have. The actors say things to get points across all of this.

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{"id":17205373,"title":"The Power of Sound","duration":"3:00","description":"Skywalker Sound's Matthew Wood reveals the secret of the lightsaber.","url":"/US/video/power-sound-17205373","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}