Pregnant Woman Killed at Florida Hotel Pool

Alanna Demella, 27, was struck by a car that veered into a pool cabana.
1:19 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pregnant Woman Killed at Florida Hotel Pool
It mattered most to a lot of denial and was posted right on her FaceBook profile. Her husband Michael and the ultrasound picture of their baby. They were starting a family. People at this poolside area at Riverside -- off plus Solis -- Fort Lauderdale remember seeing that they seemed happy and -- -- was rubbing her belly they tell me talking to her baby. When the couple decided to go to the bathroom. In that very moment police say for whatever reason Rosa Rivera came was driving by and veered off the road into the -- I was driving home -- in the park could implement it. Dog toys and -- rapidly. At every it is the initiative flying -- it's about two concrete. Pillars that support a -- -- tragic accident. This I would didn't just in I think those are now breaking. -- -- is just a big explosion. The next thing they saw was a -- husband Michael running out of the neighboring bathroom cola Nike just got -- ninety the next game we old conveyed -- -- Subject in the dead rip off to get to that woman. I think it was two nights game was just can -- shouting -- me like he was like to. December watching their wallets this happened what's this up but -- the -- just been -- many common landing just never expected. Such -- had everything to happen.

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{"id":15952023,"title":"Pregnant Woman Killed at Florida Hotel Pool","duration":"1:19","description":"Alanna Demella, 27, was struck by a car that veered into a pool cabana.","url":"/US/video/pregnant-woman-killed-at-florida-hotel-pool-15952023","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}