President of California Federation of Teachers on schools reopening

Jeffrey Freitas weighs in on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $2 billion incentive to reopen schools.
4:49 | 03/02/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President of California Federation of Teachers on schools reopening
Joining me now is California federation of teachers president Jeffrey free tests for his groups take on reopening schools Jeffrey good morning thanks for being here. Morning you permanent so threshold do you think school districts need to region terms of case numbers in vaccine rates in order to reopen. We really good the safest environment news news. California real color your need to down into the red. And actually be educators there really leader actually commend them and to continue to provide the station irrigation years out of indeed he lives in all us. All of written cleaning. Supplies all that needs to be to continue. I'm took her to make sure that there's some are students on this instruments has all the workers. Now you have said that even with all teachers vaccinated you are holding to stricter standards in the state has laid out for opening schools and you say that's to ensure that students and families are protected tube but children under sixteen can't. Get the vaccine right now so what exactly are you asking for. Or arcing that would contain indeed induced. The mean man. He says children under sixteen your Rex and and children over six and our ties cracks in. Sam is a week or be able. To control the virus we need them to mitigate when we have larger groups of people gather and schools the large gathering. Arms so to protect the students and their families and can be employees armories were need to make sure that these safety matters and annual on the vaccine and just the indicators are schools' arts. Do you say you're trying to protect families but the prominent. Response from family seems to be they want their kids back in the classroom what do you say to that. Actually you look at the pew research that is percentage on the dour and supported percent around Porter percent of calories ago. Wanted. Schools opened for wrecks in the younger than sixty. Of Amish are saying we don't want and faxing armed educators need tax return and then if you break tabloids tomorrow. Or raft there you're not and when we opened schools or in person education and that is happening throughout the state are Muir seemed. Communities of color not return symbols. A white community so it is not an even distribution of people who you wanna be an urgent. And as they say when Regina in person education that is occurring in the state we are not seen ready come back and they're not they're making that choice because it is in the remic. The Mayo liver Kohler. Altered salmon numbers of people arrest and may need to share their current shouldn't there and armed with this. We're requires. Does governor Newsom as two million dollar incentive to reopen change anything pre and. That is in this bill what the proposal as is the Mexicans immigrants or is this actually say and school workers to be in person with the other mitigating factors batters in the bill as the two billion does how we've been asking for additional funds below. Providers all classrooms provide more educators to provide you eat and and an extra screenings of the extra adults go out smaller arts and it does all with everything merits and ball well and vaccine is wanted to major educators. And continued to suit the safety guidance Muster current taxes altogether another four point six billion dollars. For additional learning opportunities above or beyond. What is normally and so shall we can get back to norm policy or rubio should students. And Jeffrey what's your response to critics who say that teachers' unions fighting school re openings are being selfish and not valuing students' needs and mental health needs or at the very least being overly cautious. As a teacher. I'm or multiracial math teacher tell you my number one concern and end and more concerned educators orbits the they want to work and art similar to provide the best education students embassy suite all in for many months has entered distance learning the decision to students you to work doesn't it keep our entire community. I'll let and that's what I would say is number one is concerned about education about the community safety. And it's not giants beat. Math and English it's also the social emotional and I'll suitors Russell always are. And California federation of teachers president separate rate as we appreciate your time today thank you. You.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Jeffrey Freitas weighs in on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $2 billion incentive to reopen schools.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76202510","title":"President of California Federation of Teachers on schools reopening","url":"/US/video/president-california-federation-teachers-schools-reopening-76202510"}