President-elect Joe Biden outlines top priorities for new administration

On Day One, Biden hopes to tackle issues like COVID-19, climate change, health care, citizenship for immigrants and gun control.
5:30 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden outlines top priorities for new administration
We've talked about the bike administration needing to get America helping. Getting America back to work back to school but plenty of other challenges remain by Devin Dwyer walks us through the biggest ones facing the new administration. Here at home. It's a new era in Washington. The house will be in order but not the mandate that Democrats had hoped for more Republicans and fewer Democrats and we just continued to add to it. Democrats in congress have the narrowest majority in decades and a polarizing debate over impeaching president trump only complicating the path ahead. Election we've lost some that'll help you want to blah blah but we have to gamble. We had to gamble in the house Democrats hold just eleven vote edge in the senate it's dead even Connell Harris is vice president the tiebreaker. Big ticket democratic priorities like universal health care the green new deal new gun controls and citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. Not going anywhere fast. Let's get bummed king clear off the bat. A more progressive proposals like Medicare for all or single care option like senator Bernie Sanders supports those are definitely off the table. Lawmakers in the middle now more powerful than ever and moderate policies are seen as those that the best chance of becoming law in the months ahead anything that comes out of this congress is going to have to be compromise some more moderate incremental bills that tenants come together with the help of people like Susan Collins like pension. They need for compromise will be immediate billions of dollars in new corporate relief for families businesses and state governments is Biden's first priority. If we don't act now things really are much worse and harder to get out of the hole later we have to invest now. On day one he's expected to same congress draft laws ready for debate. Including one to repeal liability protections for gun makers in close loopholes for background checks on as far as. The president elect. You know. The background checks are the most important thing they're as Biden says who moved to eliminate the 2017 trump tax cuts. And asked lawmakers to take on sweeping immigration reform I will. Introduce. An immigration bill. Immediately. And had a sense of the appropriate committees to begin route. The new president planning to freeze construction on the trump border wall and in the national emergency it stopping use of pentagon funds to pay for it. Biden also plans to scale back deportations. And restore protections for recipients of Dhaka the program trump tried to kill but the Supreme Court saved for now. For me to potentially. Be sent back home. To Mexico quote unquote the home. Would be devastating not only to me but see you my community. My employer my family my friends action on climate change also top of the list. We bring America back back into the Paris agreement. To put us back in the business of leading the world on climate change again I'm hearing from lots. The professionals at EPA and they're eager to get Allen they're eager to right the wrongs and with millions of American students and parents struggling with remote learning Biden is promising an aggressive plan to reopen the majority of schools. By may I answer pan am afraid for you know her her health. Soul if if by I would say the start of the fourth quarter if they are able to at least get to school by day and then I'll I'm all for it. But I'm still things you know get better. On the sport. The race to return to classrooms hinging on containment of the virus. Biden calling for new testing system at schools and more funding for better ventilation PPE and more staff to reduce crowded classrooms in this is the first. Recession we're DC is in place outside a safety net for people. Find themselves unemployed and without health insurance. And we see an increase in people are coming to the easy exchanges as they lose their jobs. Biden wants a massive expansion of the hell flaw with more financial help for people buying plans on health care dot gov wider access to Medicaid. He creation of a so called public option health plan that any American could buy into. I would love to see assistant Yemen is not tied to an employer insurance. Christine Callahan of Ohio a political independent says she's ready for change for thirteen year old son Andrew is an undiagnosed genetic condition. Requires 7000. Dollars a month he medical campus. There is no option you design your own and lets you are. You know in that 1%. But first sources say the new prison it will use executive authority. Restoring protections for transgender people when health care limiting employers from copied out of contraceptive coverage. And rolling back Trump's plan to let states impose work requirements and Medicaid recipients to build back it prosperous America. We need a healthy America. Net then will be job one. Or your team at HHS. New resolve to confront the twin crises of Kobe. And are polarized politics for me it's more frustrating looking at other countries and see where there compared to us and there they seem to be a little bit more back to normal than we are hopeful that America can quickly bounced back in the weeks ahead. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"On Day One, Biden hopes to tackle issues like COVID-19, climate change, health care, citizenship for immigrants and gun control. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75360996","title":"President-elect Joe Biden outlines top priorities for new administration","url":"/US/video/president-elect-joe-biden-outlines-top-priorities-administration-75360996"}