Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized

Shortness of breath being monitored, Bush spending Christmas Eve in hospital.
6:21 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized
Former president George H. W. Bush spending this Christmas Eve at a Houston hospital. That after experience seen a shortness of breath hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen a New York. The elder bush being monitored today at a hospital in Houston. And ABC's political director Rick Klein watching this story for us closely joining us now from Washington with more. Hi Rick let's start off with any update on the former president's condition. Bless you heard was a statement from his office last night saying he was admitted to the hospital for shortness of breath would be kept there at least overnight as a precaution. What we've heard from sources close to the former president's Stanley. Insiders and alike what's been described as a hiccup not something that's it nearly as serious as the last hospital. Position that we saw held serious health care about two years over the president. Had bronchitis. And many thought that did it could be near the end he bounced back from that and a pretty remarkable way so people are saying that this is not anything like the last one but as someone who's ninety years Oltmanns have a history of health problems he's been wheelchair bound for the last couple of years. They don't want to take any chances of being held as we're told as a precaution right now. All right let's talk about when he was brought in last night we understand. And his wife Barbara Bush was at a Christian of Christmas event in Houston when she got word right. That's right immediate indication about how that the family feels about this or whether there was any warning around that he isn't pretty active recently and it. As I said a lot of folks thought two years ago that. Seen him slow down significantly. But he was able to rally appear onstage alongside his son. A couple months later the opening of its presidential Iverson it meant a lot to one. And he's continued his skydiving exploits he's continued. Public appearances I going to attended sporting events in Houston and Houston area pretty regularly is as recently as has the few weeks ago. At a Houston Texans game so he's been as active as someone his age with his medical conditions can be right up. Very recently. Our right what do we know from hospital officials and how long do we expect the former president to remain in the hospital. I don't that we don't exact timeframe I think at least another night is what we've been told to expect I think the family preparing to spend at the balance of the holidays through Christmas. At the hospital they've got some experience like this unfortunately a couple years ago as I mentioned. But other that the White House has been kept updated on this as well not a lot of information coming out from the hospital be on the fact that he is there are. That he did he is has some family members at his side. I'm no signs that the whole extended bush clan has has flopped around him although a lot of them I believe are a we're gonna be in town already for Christmas. Oh Rick give us an idea given that two years ago the family experienced and very similar situation during the holidays. What did we learn and how the family hat has dealt with that in a public sense what do we heard from the family. Yeah I think even the family thought that that was going to be the end date they were prepared for that and aid all gathered eight at the hospital in and his bedside expecting that that his days were numbered we've seen. Is his son George W. Bush talked quite emotionally about how he thought it was. Near the end for his dad and how much it meant and to see him rally appear at that live reopening it and and resume. A public schedule he's known in recent months not just for the skydiving also for his colorful socks. For taking pictures with that cheerleaders and at at and that is sporting event so he is he is done and much better than any anyone who saw his condition worsening with the bronchitis and and related ailments two years ago thought was possible. And had to sort of them about basis this spirit. That his that is animated his his public appearances over the last couple years it's been Freddie extraordinary to see. I think inspiring for a lot of people who watch that wait may have elderly relatives themselves are dealing with aging issues to see the way that he bounced back in. By all accounts has kept a very strong spirit alive even through a lot of they would that the difficulties of. Growing old. And we also know that former presidents as well as current president's. Also have a very unique relationship what are we heard from the White House and from President Obama who is on vacation right now. Pres Obama issuing a statement saying that he's been kept apprised of the situation his wishes are with the bush family at this time it is remarkable when you think about the circumstances. Where you know obviously 1992. President Bush bounce out of office by Bill Clinton. Psyche of course is and reelected twice and then come that comes back the sun. Then President Obama the possibility of another bush presidency down the road there is no more successful political dynasty probably in history to president's. And counting one of the best known certainly and one of the more beloved which I think is remarkable given the fact that. President President Bush was the only one term president the last 35 years the fact that public opinion turned so much people have the generally affectionate view toward him. His military service author his service throughout the branches of government and congress CIA as vice president its president and it during this. Productive although not as not as you know in your face public post presidency is received from other presidents he's been. A quiet but but forceful. And to see in in bringing his his mind his ambitions toward charity work. And I think the legacy that he also had as left on the presidency of of letting the next president have user may be her away. The fact that he was not be extremely vocal in criticizing President Clinton. And let him have a lot of running room I think that it's been a model that's followed a generally by his son who we haven't seen Craig criticize President Obama. And I think it could be a model future presidents to say look I had my time on the stage I know how difficult the job is. It is nothing that says that it is at an ex president has to be in a political or kind of above politics type of animal Bill Clinton hasn't really follow that playbook. But I do think it's out and aids it's easier to imagine him in my mind at least. The way to present Obama thinks about his death is job that he sees his post presidency more along the lines of George H. W. Bush then along the lines of Bill Clinton. All right and as we have learned and as you mentioned we know that the former bush. Is a fighter ABC's political director Rick Klein in Washington thank you for that update. Thank you of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"Shortness of breath being monitored, Bush spending Christmas Eve in hospital. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27817920","title":"Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized ","url":"/US/video/president-george-hw-bush-hospitalized-27817920"}