President Obama on Global Crises

Seeking to ease worries, Obama says "The world has always been messy."
2:27 | 08/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama on Global Crises
Good afternoon I'm Ryan Smith at ABC news world headquarters in New York. With an ABC news digital report. Here the developing stories were watching right now first up. President Obama trying to reassure Americans. -- troubled world. In the wake of the Great Britain raising its terror threat to severe. Meaning the risk of an attack is highly likely. Mr. Obama told supporters at several fund raising events that quote the world has always been -- He said social media images of atrocities from a shifting Middle East are partly responsible for the fear but he said the world is less dangerous than during the Cold War. US military and domestic defenses are stronger than they -- before 9/11. And a manhunt is underway in South Carolina for an escaped prisoner. The sheriff's office has the -- -- somehow slipped away from deputies -- being escorted into the detention center Friday afternoon. They say he fled into the woods and that he is unarmed which should be considered dangerous. The -- had just been arrested and charged with attempted murder in -- triple shooting that began with an argument. At a Waffle House. And no change on the report in the condition of comedian Joan Rivers she remains at New York's mount Sinai hospital. -- she was rushed after suffering cardiac arrest during an outpatient procedure on Thursday. Doctors say -- recovering likely hinges on how long she was without oxygen. Daughter Melissa rushed to her side saying only that her mother's condition is serious and asking for prayers just hours before falling sick proposals on -- New York State making people laugh. She has dozens of appearances scheduled between now and Thanksgiving. And a rookie race car driver is in serious condition after a wild spin out during the last practice run for the IndyCar Series. Russian driver Mikhail ocean bought control of his truck on the -- force spin out and you see -- slammed by another car. Shattered against the wall several of the cars were damaged but there were no other serious injuries. The lotion was the first Russian ever to race in the IndyCar Series suffered a concussion a broken right shoulder and broken ribs. The -- car series finale takes place tonight. ABC news is monitoring these developments from around the clock so to get updates on these stories. And others -- on ABC news phone -- and look for them on And tomorrow. While the complete wrap up on Good Morning America I'm Ryan Smith -- New York have a good day.

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{"id":25191287,"title":"President Obama on Global Crises","duration":"2:27","description":"Seeking to ease worries, Obama says \"The world has always been messy.\"","url":"/US/video/president-obama-global-crises-25191287","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}