President Obama Pardons Cheese the Turkey

Sasha and Malia attend annual White House Thanksgiving tradition.
14:57 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for President Obama Pardons Cheese the Turkey
Those lucky turkeys the lucky experts in the nation today and at Thanksgiving tradition about to get under way at the White House. And here's one of the two turkeys at the White House for the 67 annual national Thanksgiving Turkey presentation. A live picture where it's all about to happen. Most. Talked about executive action. This month. Today I'm taking. An action. Fully within my legal authority. Hussein got an action taken black Democrats or Republican presidents before me. To spare the lives of two turkeys. Mac. And cheese. Permit terrible and delicious baked. A lot of bad guys don't Brandon Berger the present national Turkey federation. Gary Cooper its chairman and his son Cole Cooper who personally raised Mac and cheese. Give them big round of applause for. Most appropriate careful why they're on she's. There's is that you get pretty excited about this. Banks to all those who voted online to pick the official. National Thanksgiving Turkey. She's wants. You do know that he won. Mac that the alternate. Is not so badly off either. Let's face it if you're a Turkey. And your named after a sight fish. Your chances. Of escaping. Thanksgiving banners are pretty low so these guys are. Well ahead of the curve they're really beat yachts. It is important all the turkeys have always head powerful allies. Many of you know the Benjamin Franklin once wrote I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as representative or country. He is a bird of bad moral character. The Turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird. I think these two turkeys would agree what mr. Frankel. And they'll get to live out the rest of their days respectively at a Virginia State with 101000 acres of bomb experts. I know someone call this amnesty. But don't worry there's matters plant at Turkey to go around. In fact later this afternoon Michelle. Malia and Sasha and I will take to Turkey's bid did make the cut to a local food pantry. That works hard you're around to make sure that folks in our nation's capital have food and closed. For would be close to where. And I want to thank. General Turkey farm in Pennsylvania. Or donating once again those birds for its infected six years in the world that they've made these contributions. And for making Thanksgiving that are possible. Some powerful where it's. Finally. The watch some polls recently questioned the wisdom of the whole Turkey pardon tradition. Typically on the day before Thanksgiving the story went. The man who makes decisions about wars virus outbreaks terrorism cells and other dire matters of state. Chooses to pardon a single Turkey plus an alternate. Tell me about. It is there's a little. Puzzling that I do this every every year. But I won't say it that I enjoy it. Because. Would all of a tough stuff that swirls around in this office. It's nice once wildest. Say happy Thanksgiving. And this is a great. Excuse to do tomorrow's special moment. When we give thanks for the people we love. And where we're mindful of being credible blessings that we have received. Remember. The folks who can't spend their home is at home especially brave men and women in uniform. Who helped keep our country secure. And we celebrate all they that it is best is about what makes this nation great. And that's its generosity. And its openness and as president Franklin Roosevelt once said. Our commitment. To make a country in which no one is left out. Now because I know or one wants to get out of town Mac and cheese included. It is time for me to engage in the official act so what's it what we're there we're here we're she's. All the then. You're. Oh. He looks pretty happy about. We're. Big moments firm thinks Turkey teens pardoned by President Obama fun moment. For the president as he takes. Part in the annual pardoning of the Turkey there at the White House a very long standing tradition. He did so with his two daughters Sasha and Malia. And there you have it Barry. Find a way to usher in the Thanksgiving holiday as the president said there's a lot of tough stuff so it's nice to just a wish everyone happy Thanksgiving hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York. And we have Devin Dwyer joining us live it. Card check it's time at the White House I guess this. I'm going up good dad Kate Snow. Their future key is that we were introduced today Mac and cheese he thought a little more about can that they are both part by. Ford either. That's of their both parties are VP hopeful wait five months old and already. Pounds. They were born in fort recovery Ohio Hayward took a road trip over here in the minivan over the weekend and spent the night at the Willard hotel and we were told. They had quite the night you know they didn't ordering room service. It's funny DeVon the president mention having fun with this I can just imagine the White House Press Office staffers to get to do this once a year you know write this column for you and sounds like buy into it is a very long standing condition but it wasn't always. Called the hardening of the Turkey talk a little bit about his. Bothers me back they. Years ago what have been killed or over watch walker bush in 1989. Coming jokingly office copies of the brains are the first united. Off governor for president ever since and use some sort of motion to save the bird. Were actually two birds here. He's culpable are going to be sent out faster in Virginia. The funny thing Thais that they don't actually think that long after. After their partner and about a year that's because they're Brad Pitt. To be harvested to do end up on our people today eat a lot. Kinda early that two their organs you know they are sent off to retirement pay anything died of heart. Feeling OK we were just looking at pictures of their road trip to DC hopefully ask. They'll enjoy a whatever time they have remaining left evident that aren't you cops found. Maybe people Devin Dwyer at the White House think he's much training as you can live. And for more on Thanksgiving preparations looks pretty Nicole Johnson from the butterball. Turkey talk line hello to call. Are I. I'm great I don't know if you just heard our little segment they're about the pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey at the White House. Butterball stance on that event by the way do you support the pardoning of that Turkey every year. I thought that was rarely hear and having for a little butterball that my own at home I think yet. It really expect your idea and it looked into Logan act. So you know that's edition has. Been going on for very long time Turkey is sort of deep tradition in terms of Thanksgiving as far back is it didn't start of this nation. So. We attended no change things up little that there are always trends in terms of Turkey making so what are some of the trends this year that you found. People are calling about. Absolutely now we've been in existence for over thirty years now. Actually started. Over thirty years ago he had simply take home economist name Mina following. And we have not only women entering the island but album now and now entering Turkey related question. In addition to reach a and the alone butterball constantly evolving not a nagging at the turning. I'll people want to reach in additional weight of that and its opponent. But an act that you can bet that our web site but about that content you can daughter Molly any Turkey related questioning. Enter into art Turkey search engine Karbala and we'll come public and yet there. Not only have denounced center at eight later there's not totally imagery just now. All right butter balls all over the place or people doing different things at their turkeys these days I myself and going to. Cut its backs Cox Turkey this year where it's sort of like a butterfly Turkey to cook a little bit faster and take up less space in my out and it are those things becoming more popular. Absolutely you know we hear a lot of unique way in which well chronicled their Turkey com. Well we are all thinking and that and that or no cover no lead and simply eaten at 325 oven from target and it's we feel that gave them all uniform brown Turkey com. They're meant maintenance and cook your Turkey in addition critical thinking and that they'd be out and have direction or being kept crying it's something we're hearing a lot of the past few years. A microwave dependent how big your Turkey is crock pot electric Connor cap protector. Any Olympic crazy weather that we're having a lot of times I'll salute their electric you know be without power on Thanksgiving Day. Philip they act that. We have direction that he wanted to the Turkey on the gas grill he wanted ballot on the cargo route we have directions in which you know you can protect her in in many different way. Very interesting you know you talk about the staff that you have on hand the kind of ready and prepared to answer all of these questions how trading do they get how do you know. The people answering this hot liner up to snuff. Absolutely noted the hotline represented really acted. I'll get a minimum of a four year degree in and nutrition that katic related content area a lot of us can't graduate degree and comedian ham actor. You can that he helped position our in another word for open from early and get our early November around November hurt. Turkey is not just everything getting a lot of folks like have a recruitment as well look at that brothel Altman thrill Nickie. On again yet over fifteen men and women now answering a following. And it's really an interesting group of people that we have. Again because you're defeating opposition are a lot of other people trying to add yet registered I can't get on the continent. We have Shaq we have really a great group of people in which he shared their knowledge with our collars. Fantastic and he calls it stand out yet it's a little early no one's making their Turkey yet but I'm sure you get calls an advance with people wanting ideas about what they can do on the day. Absolutely you know our number one question your career at how to haggle about signed my Turkey and if your looked into watching the program now. Their problem not that much about your Turkey longing refrigerator Matt at however keep in mind 24 hours. Every Orr content jerking on your refrigerator. But you haven't started buying process and not get what you get Matt that. Sober people calling to get a lot of times earnings panic haven't started buying crack at it tell them not to worry. App for that actually it on your Turkey which is simply eaten cold water act Nat Ed. It that much actually say it about half hour per pound elect ten to twelve counter what I did it our eating at Matt that. Actually bring yet what we like to call art three. The pertinent buying is backing a thermometer allowed and people call how do I know in my Turkey is done. Not a problem you're old am honored and register line eighteen at night. One that Indian branch in if you happen to not get Turkey and need to monitor right into the act is asking imminent registered want to find your Turkey is done. Now you're like well I like it peeking out like it see it visually laid out Ernie. You can go ahead and did it bought about dot com web site. Actually clicking pretty common be that pretend that we had happened have a lot how cute video that we actually had video that will lock. Well serial. Where to place any amount utter lack I'm people like he carving demonstration net and how to video that parking. Oh that's great as well. Start packing heat we talked about buying the talk about anemometer are glad he dialect is stared. Called home and what is it every picnicking. Aluminum foil. I may not look sheet of paper and you shrink or shield that wracked area about two thirds Italy the cooking crack that all the browns' brass. But like tanking our stealing the breast area to protect the breath Robert Browning and allow the rest of the Turkey to be. All right Nicole Johnson I'm posting this here hanging on every word there. Thank you so much for doing yes. Of those turning you're heavy and getting you to you are it and keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story. Exclusive updates. On the for now I'm tired Hernandez in New York.

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