Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama arrive at inauguration

Former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, former President George Bush and Lara Bush and former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama arrive at the presidential inauguration.
4:23 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama arrive at inauguration
And there we see former President Clinton. Former secretary of state and Senator Hillary Clinton. Now coming as well. Neither played a huge role. In the Biden campaign. Most spoke of briefly. At the convention. David here has to be a bittersweet moment. For Secretary Clinton of course she won the popular vote. Four years ago did not become president. So both bittersweet bidder in the reminder that David sweet some sort of indication. You have to think George but she's been very careful with her words particularly in the last couple of weeks since those deadly riots of the capital. But we all remember the scene for years ago when she showed up after having won the popular vote and she. Witness the inauguration of Donald Trump something we're not seeing from him today for Joseph. Lighten and he comes to ruffle some sources. Kids come Harris is gonna have a great first duty. When she is vice president this afternoon she was wearing those in democratic senators. Polite and you know what it's and it says she'll also be sworn in by Sonia Sotomayor of course first. Latino on the Supreme Court in his third. He mailed to join the Supreme Court. Not all that long. Don't go towards this moment seemed unimaginable. Really wouldn't we're talking about Kabul Harris becoming the vice president and in 1976. Carole Simpson former ABC news anchor. She interviewed Barbara Jordan congresswoman. Ambitious black female. Politician in her own right we'll come back to oak. And continued effects and she asked Barbara Jordan at that time do you think that this country is ready for a black female vice president. At a time Jordan quickly said no she didn't think that this country was ready access that could help them. To get ready and now ready or not. Here she comes. Come law. Of course means Lotus flower which is symbol of significance in the Indian culture. And the Lotus grows underwater it's a flower though that that rises above the surface we'll get the roots remain deeply. Embedded in the river bed. Bottom. And now we see George W and Laura Bush. Approaching as well. President Obama President Clinton President Bush we'll all the company. Joseph Biden to Arlington cemetery this afternoon show of unity. President Carter wanted to be their sense of progress of course he's 96 years only Verizon could not make it. To Washington today. Our pets that's going to be important moment to see those three pairs of presidents a company. The new president darling cemetery saying something important about. We're country is right now the unity that remains beneath the surface of descriptive of the state division else's. Joins us right and in unity is isn't a big. Part of the theme today in an and seeing those images will be important and looking at the former president's it reminds me that. Then president is about the future bright we see President Obama there is as he comes in. President Obama First Lady Michelle Obama. Probably could not imagine. This moment either. It was hard to make it have. Looking in the First Lady in the final week days and weeks of the campaign. Going across the country to make sure to do you. To buy an electric. Just justice and see him come down on smiling did to myself as I remember that. His reaction to present child Sinatra for Peterson. Yeah it was he was vintage film critics of President Bush 43. And it.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, former President George Bush and Lara Bush and former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama arrive at the presidential inauguration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75374132","title":"Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama arrive at inauguration","url":"/US/video/presidents-clinton-bush-obama-arrive-inauguration-75374132"}