Preview of the General Mattis Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Josh Haskell breaks down what to expect from the senate confirmation hearing for Defense Secretary.
4:45 | 01/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Preview of the General Mattis Confirmation Hearing
Right here the big news of the day of course the confirmation hearings in a big day yesterday also with a president elect's first press conference since winning the election. All of that we'll spill over to today's news. We want to go live to our colleague Josh Haskell who's been covering some of these hearings down on Capitol Hill for us dot. What's going on their today. Day three here on now I'm in the Dirksen office building were right outside because general Mattis his hearings beginning right now I gotta tell you on that I'm struck by. Just the difference in but the experience level all of these different nominees. The president elect trump put out there yesterday I cover Rex Tillerson. And they were so much focus on how Rex Tillerson has spent forty years it ExxonMobil no government experience. Then you have general James Mattis mad dog Mattis today. He spent his whole life in the military and many of the questions that Mattis will get today will revolve around things that he said while. In combat serving in Iraq for instance. In in some books he has said that he enjoys killing the enemy that's definitely something will come up today. Words with Rex Tillerson yesterday it was basically the complete opposite you even saw Marco Rubio one time get a little irritated with. Rex Tillerson is in ability to answer some of the questions. Because he just didn't. Have that government knowledge intelligence experience so very different nominees here today it'll be all about general Mattis. And Josh we've been inside. The hearing rooms outside the hearing rooms outside of the building if you think you there. I'm protesters have been in heater part of this story so far too that's not uncommon when it comes to these political proceedings but. Given the nature. Some of mr. Trump's or controversial picks if you take questions about their qualifications. About their records do we expect more of those kinds of protests that. We definitely do I saw code pink in the front row once again three days in a row they always get the best seats. Yesterday there were actually taken out. Before Rex Tillerson entered the room so far they have not been taken out and I have to tell you there will be an emphasis. Obviously on peace. On these protesters not wanting us to engage in war wanted to put diplomacy first all the code pink protesters today wearing giant. Peace sign glasses necklaces. P.'s. And they were chanting and they kind of had a little bit more of a festive five I would say. On and that's something that we saw with some of the other protesters actually reminded me that the Democratic National Convention which we both covered on not. When. Leon Panetta was up there and some of the former generals. There were a lot of chants of no more war no more war and there were so much anger towards these generals they actually in erupted Leon Panetta as you remember. Wouldn't surprise me if that happens today if there's been no war chant. Inside that hearing what we'll keep you guys posted on that. For sure excellent and it looks like the senators are locking in at right now there we see general James Mattis entering the hearing room. As well talking to senator. John McCain they'll probably get under way very shortly dot before we let you go give this a real quick look what's the buzz around doctor Ben Carson the man who spot everyone pots fed. Maybe he doesn't even wants to run a federal agency and how being up for confirmation hearing at Hud secretary. Lawyers you know long ion based in New York but I've spent a lot of time this week. Here are wondering these office buildings and the capital and 500 to doctor Ben Carson on five separate occasions. His hearing is today but he's been here all week. Having private meetings with senators trying to get to know senators talking about his record on that's something that all trumps nominees have done that's very normal for this process. I haven't seen any of those nominees here as much as I've seen Ben Carson some of our unconfirmed reports had said that. There was a little war he within the trump transition camp on a back out Ben Carson about this hearing out for here he would be to lead Hudson that's going to be a pretty. Interest in hearing today actress I ABC Serena Marshall shall be. Covering that and then we have the CIA director hearing is well. And and then Tillerson. Which I believe is wrapped. But I did see some members of his team and some of the different transition officials. Kind of just wondering the hallways to waiting for senators to come in and out so. It definitely themes like there will be a lot of news. Is as we have been reporting rubio wouldn't say last night whether he would vote for Tillerson yes he Graham an act of the scene this morning so that's something that we'll stay on for approximately a lot of news dot apple going to be on top of it all fourth down errant Capitol Hill thank you got.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell breaks down what to expect from the senate confirmation hearing for Defense Secretary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44740541","title":"Preview of the General Mattis Confirmation Hearing","url":"/US/video/preview-general-mattis-confirmation-hearing-44740541"}