Pride On ABC News Live

ABC News reports on the immense spirit of the trans community amid growing anti-trans legislation and rhetoric.
49:56 | 06/12/21

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Transcript for Pride On ABC News Live
This is fried on ABC news lie. Understanding the trends community and honoring the and then spirit of LG BTQ plus pride month. The major political battles erupting in states like Missouri all across the country since vs trends writes it's inappropriate. It's just not right the running debate gaining velocity over fairness and the role trans athletes are playing on the nation's school yard field in courts. Those who Kleen systems gender girls are being disadvantaged. Vs those same trans rights are human rights. And that trying to restrict trans athletes is just fear over facts and people are not dominating sports. An annual anywhere in the world. Who is changing the game we'll zero in on the reviewing who Lou Dobbs streaming now. Plus life out loud with LT granderson and doctor Rachel Levine's history making appointment in the Biden administration. When it comes to national trends representation. Up front and personal with mega star Laverne Cox this close to quitting acting just before the break of a lifetime. Our conversation with these international dimension. And gotten it. The celebrity makeup artist bringing beauty and originality to roof falls drag race as the very first openly trans man in the heat of competition. Here is juju Chang. Hello everybody we're so glad you could join us for this year's first installment of pride on ABC news live the announcer you just turned. Canadian trans voice actor Calvin joy hill a first for us here. And of course we come on the air at a crucial moment for members of the LG BTQ plus community. With more than 250. Anti LG BTQ rights bills under consideration. In mostly conservative state legislatures across the country. Close to half of those measures directly aimed at transgender people. Today we'll be sharing with you a rainbow of experiences and stories from the heart of the LG BTQ plus community. Designed to enlighten empower and entertain. And we begin here with one of the most heated conversations of our time centering around student trans athletes and the complex and thorny questions for all sigh it's. What's truly fair. Andrei a year would was known for dominating in high school track races across Connecticut. Like this one when did you discover you loves trying to I think president running in seventh grade Japanese Judy. Really support system but with teammates and there are always there to let me when your thing that I'm Brooke. Always than their current doesn't light and. But instead of kudos for winning Connecticut's state championships she and another runner Terry Miller got criticized for being transgender. You see long before she began running. Andrea knew she was different. It had only an emergency unless Cinderella when and other you don't put weren't our New England by all of it or read all how old William. Lie. I. And really. I'm nettlesome. All she began transitioning. Andrei a stunning victories didn't sit well with the competition. Actress race against that transcend athletes at stay helping me. And I just realize how much. Had they were about other girls. And it essentially disappointing to see how we aren't getting the spots that we rightfully deserved after he trains so many gains only hours today. Alana Smith is a top runner at Danbury high school competition isn't her blunt her father a former pro Baseball Hall of Fame. Her mother a former elite runner herself. What is running track mean to you can think it means everything to me gives me like this oxygen thank you myself and I put a practice I go running up to hang out at my friends. And then also I just loved to win. But alana says winning felt out of reach so she joined other high school runners in a lawsuit. Hoping to ban trans girls from competing against sis gender girls like her in Connecticut. I feel like it's just strictly about biology and that it's unfair for them to compete in our category there's have pride coalition. People from all different political persuasions. That agree that that physical advantages that men and boys have over women and girls. Is insurmountable. Kristen waggoner is a lawyer for the alliance defending freedom. A self described conservative Christian nonprofit that they helped file the Connecticut lawsuit last year and it marked a tipping point. Sparking a nationwide debate about fairness and gender identity in the past year and a half alone eight states cast trans athletes bills and 29 more have legislation in the works it's become a conservative rallying cry candidate Caitlin Jenner are. Let me let me get to this issue. Caitlin Jenner now running for governor of California once supported trans athletes' rights to compete in the gender de identify eyewitness. But now the lifelong Republican and former Olympian. Has changed her position speaking out on TMC. This. Isn't. Question of fairness. That's why Apple's. Biological boys who were trance. Competing in girl sports in school. It just. Isn't fair. We should be able to compete on a level playing field and the policy that we have right now. Is making biological women be sidelined bound sport and she's forced to come. Yeah about a certain number of scholarships to women and a certain number two man. Title nine as the federal law that forbids educational programs from discriminating on the basis of gender. Critics say trans girls violate title nine because trans girls take opportunities away from sis standard ones what do you say to critics who might say collier. You're cheating or you have an unfair advantage. Against them can I didn't either he starts. And as Burma in Sioux who chairs and you'll are. Also what they go through what the united manage US also he. There's more shoes or and I just Margaret my repeated winning battle. I'm the horrible message to attract young and their music they're not welcome that there any chance people are scared their families are scared. Chased Angie of the ACLU says this is just the latest battleground in the culture wars being waged despite the fact that very few trans girls are openly competing in schools sports. Many deeply hurt and our. Young people are constantly. Scrutinized and power in this legislation. This I have practical reality here which show. After decades of Dina. Inappropriate. It's just not right. Heated debate and folding across the country like here in the Republican dominated Missouri legislature. On whether to restrict trans athlete's ability to compete at your question. Reasonable way. It's Brandon bowl where is a father on a mission lobbying on behalf of his trans daughter. For years. We now let my daughter where girl clothes that do not let her play with girl toys. His impassioned speech to Missouri lawmakers going viral on Twitter with more than seven million views force my daughter and where. Boy clothes and get short hair cuts play on boys sports teams. As a parent we don't want to. Squash or kid's spirit. We don't want to ever silence that flame inside them. And looking back on it now that's exactly what I was doing. When I was forcing my daughter. To be someone she wasn't an accident good image you raised conservative a minister's son now pleading with lawmakers to have compassion for trans children. Making the rounds talking to as many abuse that was occasion but some don't wanna hear it won't come out. Kansans for us thank you. You're frustrated I'm very frustrated this is real this affects real people. At stake bull where sense is his trans daughters theory childhood. She gets an opportunity to be a kid she's used the opportunity to participate on sports team to have fun to play. That's nothing should be denied some. Brandon passion fueled by grants. I still have a fair amount of of guilt over how I handled the situation early on. And as part of the reason. I'd. Do what I do now an advocate for her there are certain. Folks in power the have decided. That the new target is transgender kids kids. What I also know is that those efforts always fail. Hate and fear always fail and love wins now they may win a few battles. But love always wins the war but many Missouri lawmakers say it's about fairness and the sanctity of the locker room like representative Doug Ritchie. What the focus of this bill is here in Missouri. Is to address the miners at middle school high school context for. You know just protecting title nine in a funeral athletics. This well protects. Alice. What do you say to folks who say that this bill is. Anti trans or or trans phobic. We'll number one it's not. It is just again an effort to protect penal athletics. In this context in the middle school high school context as well as protecting our children do when they're walking off to fill their entering into that locker shower. Room with her teammates. And I think those concerns are legitimate they wouldn't fall into a phobic context as some of your colleagues have said you know I don't want my granddaughter. You know in a locker room with boys peeping in. Do not make my granddaughters. Going into Lee. A locker room. And have to worry about. Oh boy coming into their locker room. Do you know of any specific. Instances where it. That's happening. When you have to speak with them in terms of that the individuals for communicating those concerns I haven't communicated those concerns myself. Because your critics would argue that this is a bogey man that's being conjured up. That it's actually not actually happening. Well again you have to speak with them because that's not been concerned novelist. The Missouri house bill will be taken up by the senate and state senator Gregg razor says he will fight against it. Vote majority party here in Missouri and nationally. Likes to use these kind of hot button issues. When it comes to election time to to get people riled up. Raisers one at six openly LG BTQ members of the Missouri legislature. And the only gay member in the senate I was once they closeted scared. Suicidal teenager. I know what that feels like in this state and an attack on LG BT kids. And trans kids as an attack on all up us. This goes to it deep place in heart doesn't it does he gets very personal. Over the decades elite sporting organizations adopted guidelines to allow trans athletes to compete. But as the transgender community has become more visible the rights have been pushed into the political arena. All the major sanctioning bodies including for example the International Olympic Committee US cycling. There NCAA. All heck had policies on the books for years are inclusive. Andrea and yearwood says she's been undergoing hormone therapy for several years now. I think there's this persistent notion that somehow you as a trans females have a biological advantage. Reason that we as a model. And into each other if you have a certain diet and you might be another. Key chains and independent. Seven is only if an. Imperative that includes an accident it's not do that to me and Chad Bradley and ability. And I didn't just sitting Sunni and. The Connecticut lawsuit has since been dismissed because Andrea and Terry graduated. But the ATF says they plan to appeal on behalf of sis standard athletes like Columbus miss. Who still competing and considering various college scholarships. What are your plans for track and field and and what is what's the dream. I don't go to ID one school to contract and then possibly even go crown aren't coaches and scouts looking around yes. Andrea. Is finishing freshman year at North Carolina Central University. But she says her running days are over. Were you offered a scholarship not oh now can you explain me why you think that is. And against navy. I mean it a greater chance schools. May not want. They passed it and it university. What closed that chapter in your life was that volunteering on your part I think. Yesterday now on to let you don't think I like working out another four years all over again. Every so let's say you know we did you order. It was not bad and let means I see this as you know more than nine would have liked serial. Athletes that have to get elites to do. What they've done and the body. And was David I was intimately. And we have so much more ahead right here on pride on ABC news live the deeper dive on the progress and serious challenging facing trans athletes feeling fear. And prejudice we'll hear from the creative team behind who lose groundbreaking new dock changing the game. We'll be right back. And welcome back to fight on ABC news live. You know just got one year ago right here we brought you word of that landmark Supreme Court decision. Confirming the 1964 Civil Rights Act does indeed also protect gay lesbian and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace. Of the soaring this through her. Quality. But now we're zeroing in on what it means to be transgender in America and the continued fight for rights an equality nationwide. Transgender young people in particular facing more hurdles. So let's bring in now two guests behind a new documentary on this very issue. It's called changing the game and before I introduce you to them let's take a quick look at the clip. Would it be fair for. Needs to be competing on the boys team now. I am a girl that's who I am no matter what. The policy would. Was really discriminatory. I view this policy to be changed. I need to be able to compete on the girls' team. We've. Well integrated. Yeah Sarah. I'm afraid for what was right. That's where I started talking with my community the same this is not great need this to changed. And joining me now that student athlete from New Hampshire Sarah rose hopman hi Sarah. I and the producer of this film changing the game now out on Hulu Alex Schneider Alex. I agree to be with the out. Well thank you both so much for being here how starts there with you you once told me that you expressed your gender before you could even talk and transition when you're in seventh grade. And since then you've courageously been an activist for transgender athletes. Policies were trans athletes up against while you were in high school and how did you use your time in and as a student to ensure protections for other transgender athletes. Unaware don't know how. Pilots do Minas going to high school there was that I had to have gender confirmation surgery in order to compete on the team and I wanted to compete aren't. And that are based it was just not. Doable and not acceptable as various draconian and very old style and buried measurements lets you. A lot of people's like mental health and physical health and so through high school hello middle school and high school I. Really pushed on through advocating on getting fat policy changed. In hands as of now it's really it just four. It's really up to use superintendent or aired principal of the school district on. Allowing. And trends athletes compete on their parents hired Plainfield. And Alex you're one of the filmmakers on this and it it's an up close look on an off the field with the lives of the few transgender student athletes you're also the director of trans representation it glad. Why wasn't so important to you to make this film. It's terrible it's a great question and you know we do you know and that only about 20% of Americans say they personally know someone is transgender so that means the majority of what the American public. Understands about she trans people are is coming from T need film. And news coverage and media. And specifically for trans athletes we see a lot of conversation. And to be happening over. And whether there should be inclusion of trans athletes without actually talking to those sounds are who is actually. Most F back in by the policies. Being introduced in state legislators. Across our country. Meant so it's really important for us to spell makers to you actually document. A lie news that he is trans young people live and and you know we see in that clip Sarah is so. Outreach asleep curry chance. And for speaking out for legislating in advocating for equality and we. Make that case also you know and they are so brave and courageous for being and solace and yet they shouldn't. I'm kids shouldn't have to be courageous to be themselves are played sports that they lot. Sarah we see you throughout the film speaking out and I know you found a lot of close friends through sports but what the hardest part of being a transgender athlete in high school. Only I think for me personally. Lewis just finding acceptance in myself. And doing a sport that I loved. It was very hard for me define who I was in high school and thankfully can sports I was able to. Science who I am kind friends and the Stanley that I have now. An Alex. We see these young athletes facing so much hate and vitriolic during the film why was it so important for you to showcase allies like Graham on Nancy challenging. That kind of bigotry all. Wolf it's a great crash and I think there's an assumption. That tests. And Tran these people. And trans used are all by themselves. That we don't have communities of love and support and yet the overwhelming majority actually do so it was important to you really reflects the reality that there is love and support each and then the most annexed back. Did people and places and we see that when the parents their teammates. The coaches or crops the country with these young athletes. There is an immense amount of love and support and those stories strictly just need to be old and shared. More widely and spending so much time with these young athletes Alex what gives you hope and watching them find their voice. Oh my gosh these athletes. I mean these young people and know who they are in ways that. I wish as a trans man my south. I have back where where it all and solve awareness and top accept it and it gives me so much hope. To see that they know who they are and they are willing to assert themselves and take Epps peace and use their voices. And bringing people. In and for word. I'm so that we create a culture that is more inclusive accepting an equal for everyone cheer live safely and freely as themselves and so Sarah it's so power. Our fold to hear you find your voice in an as we know seven states have already passed. Legislation to ban transgender student athletes from competing in the gender of their selection. And dozens more of these states have bills in the works what you say to trans athletes. Who now find themselves in and it space where they might not been to compete. I would just say keep being yourself keep pushing forward and just know that and future. You B of what's do what you love. And just keep in the back Mac in your in in the back of your mind that you're always loved and you doing amazing. Regardless. I want to continue with this conversation but first let's watch another clip from this powerful film changing the game now streaming on Hulu. They're meant a lot of mail and all these things that we are going on my name an airplane and make my story Somalis other yeah. Yeah hey there. And yeah. Its findings do. Graham and really powerless or in any skiing and downhill skiing is bringing new video you meaning now. Slandering yeah. I mean you're not into he's. And there you center at they're being transgender is not a choice what I think the biggest misconception is about transgender athletes. Com. And I'd have to say I think. It's really a lot of people focus on the negative a lot of people say that word trying to do it again a competitive edge. Plan in reality only wanna do is compete on the sport in the sports that we loved and do what we love and just. Being ourselves to being human because we are out we all are human yet need. Just want to get I am like we just want to tune the sport that we love and Alex pick up on that. Issue for me because so much of this discussion centered on fairness and what's fair right what do you say to those parents who say it's not fair to allow. Trans athletes to compete against a standard athletes. You know I think where this conversation gets lost. Is seeing all young people is kids. And the opportunity. Tip fully participate. School weight peers. At at cross the board is so important. In the mental emotional social and physical health that young people trans or not. And so I think you know even as a filmmaker when I was coming to changing the game I had a lot of my own. Preconceived notions about inclusion in sport and when we really dig deep in to you what the media narratives typically are. There is almost. All exclusive focus. On when trans athletes are winning. And so it's no wonder that people have discomfort about. Suppose an unfair and asked but in reality there are hundreds of trans athletes participating across the country. Without issue and it is only an issue. When they are winning and they are not always went so I think we need to get back. To you what really matters which is back for young people it is so important. To be accepted respected and they included in daily life and part of that is sport. And Sarah in the short time we have laughed you are now in college you've become an activist how can others. In the community stand up and and be heard on this issue. I think the most important thing is stopping CB yourself keep pushing harm. But and get out there councils of media talks here peers talk to your Stanley about the things that are going on your community. Un and vocal peep parade be yourself and when he's wouldn't it be amazing and you certainly are that thank you Alex and stabbed both for joining us. And for being here and of course you can learn more about Sarah story as wells the powerful stories of other trans out pleads. Like her in the award winning documentary change in thinking congratulations to you both. It's now streaming on Hulu. And up next right here on pride and visible sign of evolution in the new administration. When it comes to trans rights assistance health secretary doctor Rachel Levine sitting down with the incomparable LV granderson. We will be right. And we're back now with the spotlight on a high level key member of the Biden administration. In a unique position as the first transgender person to serve in that capacity as assistant secretary of health. LC granderson with the conversation for us from life out loud ABC's first LG BTQ plus focused podcast. Doctor. Rachel would be history baker. Helped put this show but kicker. So really weren't report titled inert certainly worthy of Kamal thank you so much for joining us on wipe out my pleasure I'm very pleased to be. When was the first time you became aware of the LG BT QQ community were specifically are transgender people. So. You know I'm a child of the sixties and and the seventies and so. That there was not as much visibility. For the LG BTQ community at that time probably. The first time that I really became. Aware at the community was in college and then especially. After medical school when I it was in my training. Which was in New York City at mount Sinai starting in 1983. And he and one of the things that I was very aware of in the early eighties and in Manhattan. Was the HIV epidemic that left very. Significant impression upon as you are. Where. And there is no easy transition for others. There are right now about a 120. Anti trans bill's cost about thirty states. Home in various speeches riveted as recently introduced some all pool our trans VO FedEx had been signed into law. What does that tell you about where urban nation years right now with its conversation. While those bills are extremely difficult and challenging and they really target transgender youth many of them target transgender youth. Trans youth are are vulnerable and there are at risk of bullying. Harassment and discrimination is so we really. Needs to work to support trend she's been to help them. And to nurture them not to try to limit their participation in activities or sports. Or evasion in the most egregious bills try to limit the air their ability to access. Gender affirming. Medical care and so I always say that people fear what they don't understand what is beyond their experience so I hope to two and I advocacy. To educate people about trans individuals and about my story and to make them you know feel more comfortable and and inch possible. All of LG BTQ individuals and transgender individuals. You've got to start in medicine to pediatrics correct. Absolutely pediatrics. And in the sub specialty of adolescent medicine what do you face of apparent. Home whose child comes to down comes on says I'm tracts. It's very challenging. For for parents of of trains kids. And you know I have clinical experience with this I'm in my practice. At the Penn State Hershey medical center as an adolescent medicine so specialists so I would see. Trans youth and young adults and I would talk to their parents and parents struggle would I would encourage parents to do is to doctor their doctor. To talk to their pediatrician. On it that see if it's that it's child though or their family physician. And then two to try to look at. Reputable web sites and then to seek out therapy and medical care that has expertise. In this in this area. And that's why it is so challenging that some states are making that. Gender affirming medical care is legal. Final question for you. What would you until you're younger self if you had an opportunity given everything that you've experienced. And understanding everything that you represented today. So there are two aspects of that first and talk about prop from a career point if you. Is that I've always think ratified by my career in medicine because really all I try to do is help. Really you know I would see patients and try to help them and their families I would teach students about how to help people are or do clinical were searching develop programs. And so you know I would say that it is still be able to do that it's if it's from a public health perspective for the broader brush. First at the state level and now at the federal level by John stay the course in your career because you still going to be helping people. From a personal point of view I think some a lot of it would be as easy as you as you said that things are gonna turn out okay if things things will be okay. And and to live your life without fear. Source familiar work program to live your life out loud. And be sure to catch more of Els he's fabulous conversations with LG BTQ plus trend setters and allies. On life out loud with LV granderson wherever you listen to podcasts. And up next here right here on Fries life after orange for acting TrailBlazer and activist and now podcaster. Over and talk. We'll be. And we're back now on Fries with a soulful and inspiring conversation with one of America's most dazzling leading ladies Laverne Cox. I have to say I was so moved by her grace and her intellect when Laverne and I had a chance to have a conversation earlier this week. Palin burned so good to see you know. Won't go home I'm very well you know we all know you're not just acclaimed actress but you are a thought leader when it comes to trans rights and so. There's so much I want to talk to you about when it comes to trans rights and representation but I begin with you. And with pride. An and how much pride surrounds you tell me. After all the success of Orange is the new black how many doors were open for UN and what source of you opened for others. When I think about no way. Extended gains and as proud out right now it's that I've managed to statement itself is much as possible but I think I'm even more myself. Through all of the wonderful. On the things that have been past several years and also. Really really out that there are some any chance people working in Hollywood right now who are gracing the covers of magazines. I hate that makes me really really proud. And I am aware that you know with in the cover of time magazine in 2014. As of her opening ten's Kristen be on the cover of that magazine and many other magazines and now whiz. So beautiful and what I'm so out of the not the. And that is. Really joy in just opened a store seem. Emotionally financially and how close you were tipped quitting acting. Just before being cast in or just a new black clearly it wasn't easy for trans actors and actresses to make it in Hollywood. Now it's. Uneasy and it eight the reality festivities is a really hard business no matter who you live. And in in 2012. I turned forty. And I ate my life's latest you know I I was in lot of debt I was I am on a payment plan to avoid eviction. In my apartment and I was like okay well you've given index. The old college try in you were tried really hard you train but maybe. Is that something isn't for you wouldn't she go into something out since I was going to go to grad school Esther steady for the GRE. And the orange and black addition happened and I did not go to grad school hope. And now. Frances paid until wondered think necessary wonder. But you talked about how often you what we're made to play in a sex worker number seven and on so many cop shows and I remember interviewing India Anwar and they told me that. They didn't want to play the sex worker trans stared at initially when post was offered. But that now you know 21 trance characters are represented on shows however were losing so many without finale opposed. Why you think shows like post it's so important for you and others to be represented in these story lines. Who people need to see themselves in an hour documentary disclosure. That's available and Netflix so sweet and many people and. Who we interviewed talked about how important plays. And is to see ourselves represented and know that you know it's possible yeah I am well aware that if. I if anything Kenneth Cain underneath its money in 2007 I wouldn't have believed. It was possible to be open each hands and a working actor and that we have to be able to see ourselves as stories reflected landed beef things they think about proposes how. Honest they were in their conversations about HIV aids and how it decimated LG BTQ I class communities. In the eighty's and ninety's. Also still so fresh and current even though it sat in the eighty's and ninety's that so much of what's happening right now in politics in the culture wars centers on trans rights we've looked at 250. Different. Anti LG BTQ. Bills out there at least. Half of them roughly a 120 bills directly targeting transgender people. What do you think these bills say about the issues still facing the trans community. Well. With increased visibility. We are more targeted entry and people haven't had never been as visible. And what we're witnessing. Legislatively is the backlash to eye visibility in the state of Arkansas. Bill recently became lie. It'll be implemented in July that would criminalize and health care providers providing gender affirming care for transgender youth in a state of Arkansas. It's deeply disturbing when I think about the trans kids there who might lose their care if the ACLU's loss he does not successful so I think. Is this assault. How as a legislative assault happens is violence increases against can't spokes 28 when he was dailies young Mecca for trans people I work for anyone who think estate and Aaron must hands people is about lifting up the beautiful humanity a trans people. Telling stories that that celebrate. Our struggles and our success days and our humanity in not reducing to all of the sort of statements and propaganda bad that things have perpetuated back perpetuated about Leah. And what do you think. Everyday folks continued to help make. The world a bit safer for transposed she talked about. You know the violence against trans people especially trans women of color we did a segment called trans and targeted which. Got recognized with a cloud award and also you recently spoke out about the disappointment of seeing the media's coverage of some trans health care issues. So look at the Nina what can politicians and everyday citizens due to do battered tech understand battered tent frame that narrative better. We'll inside. Media goes that that we it's. Always important to have trans spokes. In the room when decisions are being made in into the thin due to its chance people may have been there. Not just had chains though clear Dixon of co sign what we already what did you hope that we actually listen to dance and make every day people. If you're inspired can have conversations with the folks in your lives that you love about. Chance that the if you don't know someone Tran and you can. Either it's pragmatic and watched disclosure what clothes and have conversation. And I think they kinds of violence beyond having policies that he noted Tran spoke some more and I'm actually experienced bat on the air if they think homelessness that they acting agent and that's a rabble street economy so jobs and housing and access to health care are really important in reducing ban against cancer looked at and sometimes it's also about. And that's willingness to put their bodies on the line which is a lot to ask I had an incident that acts. And spoke about publicly in November of last year everything written part and hiking that the friends. Mine and land this guy passed desk and asked the time I've been told them the time the once. The meant that got the time he asked guy or girl in relationship to me now with math and had a hoodie and I. You know I thought how does his ears they're being guide me out and Adam Knight and Adam. Sort of told him to (%expletive) off in February executive words and the guy with each I'm start my friend and in that moment. In that moment my friends instinct was to put his body between the in his person in the grip all it is friend in. That moment and our low homes. Worth protecting. Our humanity is worth. Tactic I had read about that incident Laverne but to hear you talk about it just fills me with. So many different emotions Human Rights Campaign talks but at least 44 trans people were murdered. In the US last year and they were many trans women of color and so this is a very serious issue you've talked a lot over the past. About the internalized shame. As being part of your story what are some of the ways that you've. Broken free from that. Exorcise that if you well meant to become the activist that you are. I. And the US about that would ever went for need when it comes to shame resilience trauma resilient is an ongoing process is not a one dime and you know and same functions in the body and a very similar way to traumatize and breeding ground when she defines change and binds it is intensely painful believe we have about ourselves. They were unworthy connection belonging she's as guilty if I'm sorry I've made a mistake in shame is. I'm sorry I am Wednesday and in her research she said that. Empathy is the antidote to shame that when we. Until our standing story no met with empathy that abstained dissipate eighty back percent since so much of my personal work we're building chambers of the doings is being aware of and having the courage to tell the truth. To someone who had earned the right to hear my story and I think to. Prom and I think I am want to talk about trauma and I'm so blessed to be a part trivia of the new book you are. Your best thing that pretty brown and I'm trying to Burt added it looks at Chaman trauma resilient in the black experience trauma is similar to shame that is different and trauma we can think the trauma is just you know horrible horrible incident might there is depends Thomas too much too fast too soon. That anything that stressful can create their trauma response and Abner Richardson's building. That kind of resilience and I think requires professional help and being able to acknowledge it. And going to help that we need. And then it becomes with its reacted practice things differently at the years ago I I came out about my actual age and now 49 years old. They had so much shame about how old Latin. If I could I told myself stories that. I'm not a double or higher Rubel an actor's certain agents I had a I had to lie about that. And when I would be only eight feet wet in your OBI thought the whole sort of world would in the next I don't know if we're you might. You look great for Mary young at that time away Adler and is oftentimes when we have seen about something we build up is still Horry and handed in imagination that is. Going to be much worse than it really is when we just tell the truth. But here's the thing now I know your trees I want to know your skin harassment because. A LB well Matt you are dropping some real knowledge on slimmer and this is amazing Renee brown Toronto Burke to heroines out there doing some real healing on the one last question for you which is. There are so many parallel conversations going on right now in our country about this reckoning that we're handing that we're standing up to hate as a nation. And I know as an Asian American I know that there are so many communities of color talking about allied ship and how to be a good ally but in this pride month. How can people be strong allies to the LG BT community is especially the T in that community the trans community. If we aren't shut. Talking about LG BTU I a a lot oats and we're not talking about how they didn't expect it didn't alert on we're and the issues are heartsick examine the auctioning. We're not on conversation with economic justice. I think one of them. Some of them what are some of the most incredible things that we can do any margin has agreed to people who were involved in your duties or in case the rate it. Aides and hire people and paid that we need a Smart government. They both have a living wage and that is something I used it he's ordered to even up on it done in the raids on at a better level that we talk about ride. And news talk about racial da is the of economic to be right into an all your help you're should be human right Britain won and it's always a would be intersection. Yeah and on and you're so right to bring out the you know food insecurity the whole housing insecurity. Facts the trans community especially during this pandemic has been. Doubly so Laverne Cox thank you I could speak to you all day thank you for it was done. So much pride and up next we'll meet the celebrity makeup artists and fashion designer. And now dragged phenomenon making a colorful slashes the first trans man on recalls dry breaks and stay with boys girls and cleaned. It's time to crown came as welcome back to ride on its news line. Understanding the trends can. Here is usually check with our segment out and proud the next generation. And timeless and can you. Let's slim whose. Humble and get Johnny says let me let an altar behind that screen in blue is jags sensation got mixed in real Paul's lucky music video and got make is. Any anti air I got Mac OR. EL I'm very well I see that you got dressed up last thank you. Hey hey you know I have with an option on tour and I'm in North Carolina sauls like brought go little. Ready a little early and as kill it today fascinating and you are killing at. I must say I just air fire prone ounce for a moment though because. As a trans man clearly you use his him try announced but when you're in dry. Yeah it when I'm in drag. I mean is just kind of the normal everyone is she and I am doing a female presenting drag so I don't really mind and even announced that you want for Meehan drive but does all of my other things around me I usually go by she her and understand well I will call you queen house that. You why are. Just doesn't break out star a season thirteen it was so fun to watch you and repulse drag race. Not only do we see your incredible skills as a fashion designer and a makeup artist. But you book fair yours you're the first ever openly transgender man to compete in the series what was that like to get. Feedback from so many fans. It was just so it's still to this day is so mind blowing because the going it and there I had just this. We all my shoulders almost because I just wanted to be the perfect role model I want to be the person I would wanted to see on TV and just make sure I was saying the right things doing the right thing. And then I think there's just one day we're rue Paul looked at me and those like people are connecting with Q and are going to connect if you just because. You're being you know and that is all you have to do is just go out there near Mosul and excel entire story and nuts how you're gonna change the world and so that's well I'll have to do. I think you are such an individual because in many ways people think of trans men as very masculine and yet your story and your version of being a trans fan. And your talent has connected with so many people as were Paul said. I won't tell the kind of stories and feedback you're getting from people who've been dedicated to your performances on the show. The feedback has just spend so amazing even the people that really kind of we're confused at first you know being a transmit like you say needs usually see. The most masculine stereotypical Ken doll of a life and I just came in here and I have a very. Feminine side of my life and I love expressing it. Rudolph are drag so even the people that can't are confused at first they listen my story analysts and now at the end of the day I am. Just a man. Doing dragging its not that complicated and they kind of focus on the artistry but anything I'm just so excited to watch everyone grow and be down to open these doors with. In paved the way. And you know is so much of roof Paul's drag race is about getting into people's back stories and getting into. You know where they come from and who they are and I know you grew up with Catholic. Parents pretty conservatively and they were even featured in a clip what was that like talking about sort of you know where you came from. Jai it was so crazy because. Growing up I was an Arizona and the word transgender just was not even in my vocabulary I did not know anyone trans an ever signing one's hands on TV. Until I moved out to Los Angeles and needs met some amazing trans women that actually just changed my life an open my rolled up. And made me real as the you hop sometimes put yourself first no matter what you think you could lose back home are no matter what it is so even though. I have unconditional offer my parents it was like I know life I don't take these steps to transition and be who I know I am and always have bent. I will never be happy so I was asleep okay by this is that it like I'm so sorry that. They got it almost apologetic at first and saying I'm sorry so abrupt and crazy haven't I moved away and now this happening but. It was a rocky moment for us for a sec but it they see how happy I am now on what amazing inspiring people ever around me and are so proud of me and they've come such a long way. Love can evolve isn't that nice so you said you're on tour what's next for got make where where will we see you. I am actually with bus events on the drive and drag tore right now we are pretty much on the East Coast of America for the rest of the month but I am not going to stop right literally always say I'm never gonna sleep again because I'm minds take. Every opportunity that comes my way about learned anything on drag races that you never know what you can. Accomplished with an open mind so who's gonna try all and not let anything stop. Well you are on a rocket ride for sure got make thank you so much for joining us and being with us and we know your fans will be watching. But there is a new season starting right new Paul's drag race all stars is gonna premiere exclusively on Paramount plus with two all new back to back episodes you work rape Kotnik thank you sound minds. Thank you sell it for having near soap and talking yeah the fund was mind paying. And thanks again for joining us here from fried on ABC news live you know understanding the trans community that's so important we'll see you again next week with another addition during this pride month. I'll be sitting down with the amazing Billy Porter who is taking a final bow on the hit show poems. And we're highlighting here the contributions and challenges still facing the nation's LG BTQ plus community I'm Kiki Chang.

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