Prince Harry Tours Storm-Damaged Jersey Shore

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie takes Prince Harry on a tour of Seaside Heights.
11:38 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Tours Storm-Damaged Jersey Shore
This is a special report from ABC news. Look what I'm -- -- -- New York -- ABC news digital special report Britain's Prince Harry is on the Jersey Shore right now what are the areas. On the East Coast torn apart. By super storm sandy now. Earlier this morning the prince and New Jersey governor Chris Christie war in meant to low key New Jersey. Everyone. -- meant to low teens 500. Twenty ones homes. Was destroyed or damaged last October from super storm sandy and many still just in piles of rubble. The prince and the governor then moved south -- fourteen minutes to seaside heights town that is. Also still rebuilding and trying to bring back that iconic boardwalk and it has been known of course for the setting for the reality show Jersey Shore and -- interesting tidbit about royals visiting New Jersey the last time royalty visited the garden State's every four years ago. That's -- the prince's great grandparents king George the sixth and Queen Elizabeth stopped over in red bank. Little bit north of where the -- that that was back in 1939. This time around -- seaside heights the backdrop and WEB CTV reporter Tony gates joins us happened seaside heights Tony. The sun is out you have a royal in your midst I think you've got a nice assignment for the day. Yes indeed he was here for about fifteen minutes and -- was actually a few hundred feet away but I get to see. The top of his head and when he got out of the car there was just this war. Thank you really that he is down here because they need all the publicity that they can get. -- -- this is the place -- this summer resort that people across the country. Have come to now and that they're building and rebuilding the boardwalk so old that it could be ready about Memorial Day because they really want the -- -- come back if hearing from people all across the country who are saying yes we know CD came through we know that was a lot of devastation we see you guys that rebuilding that we will come to support. This summer obviously -- have a prince travels he certainly brings a lot of attention a lot of crowds with -- -- the same time though. I mean it is the middle of the week and they were still a lot of people that were waiting up for hours just to kinda. Catch a glimpse and and and gets on his support. -- you know what as soon as word got out the Prince Harry was coming to town which was days ago people make their plans to come down here I mean a couple of the risk first responders that I've known even before seeing came through they kept their kids out of school so that they can come down and -- it because it was really important I mean. They want to get as much publicity as possible they want these pictures to go out across the world -- look. Seaside heights is coming back we're here. We're supporting that rebuilding. We want you guys to come and support us as well sell you a lot of people were very very excited that he was coming down hit that -- it was a very good point with all of the devastation that's going out with everything that's going on in the world that he would choose. To come here to seaside heights it meant a lot of the locals here -- and it it was uplifting -- at a place where they went through months of devastation it was uplifting to have royalty. Come to town to help support the publicity to get people back. Yeah -- in other states suffering through 37 billion dollars in damages from -- sandy came through and obviously -- that the cleanup and recovery in the rebuilding. Getting under -- but you know Tony I mean I watched so much of your amazing coverage back in October and I know that you know seven months later a lot of work has been done but. What you see -- surprised by the advance that everyone's been making so far. You know people in their private lives despite their homes are concerned they're still dealing with payment is still dealing with their insurance companies. -- still dealing with trying to get grant money to get that done but. Tourism is the lifeblood of the Jersey Shore so you got a lot of people especially the businesses down here and the people who are employed by those businesses. Saying you know what it's time to move forward let's get these -- -- that we are coming back. And they really need the money down here they need the summer dollars because it's the lifeblood. Of the 130 miles of Jersey coast line that there is having Jersey is known for its short. And people want. You know the world to know that did get rebuilding it's been seven -- there's still. A long way to go in some spots but they're trying to do as much as they can't -- the Jersey Shore can be bad for this summer. And actually not far from where your is very interesting -- you're taking a look at the live picture this is the roller -- the jets start. And so many people that -- I work -- that I spoke manager Tony you as well have such fond memories that this was part of their childhood and that this was. One of those images that we saw when sandy came barreling through there that people just. Shook their heads -- couldn't believe the intensity that this storm -- You know that has become sort of an iconic image now coming photographers have come down here and -- pictures of that roller coaster in the water they've had it -- they'd get them out as gifts so that people will never forget what happened and you know we were out here along the boardwalk yesterday talking to people. We've been coming to the Jersey Shore for decades I -- they came as kids. That they came with their kids and they came with the grandkids and even put them to see that rebuilding you see in their eyes sort of sadness and one man in particular I asked him yesterday. I said you know -- bringing the boardwalk back but you seem so melancholy. And he said yes it's nice and it's coming back but. You -- it'll never be the same I mean my at my boyhood you know -- where it was bent down here and some of the things that I look forward to seeing every year when -- -- my children and my grandchildren down they're never coming back so I'm glad that the rebuilding is going on but it's never gonna beat -- that place that I came to as a kid and she said this coming found him about that -- you know I think it goes both ways and -- people excited. To see the rebuilding going on people excited to see that other people are excited to come down and support the businesses. But still there's some melancholy that it's never going to be the Jersey Shore that they. Remember -- long ago absolutely isn't what we're looking at right here is a crane that was floated down bars taking apart some of that Coastr. Track by track as they're trying to get that off of the boardwalk area. And get that reopened for people to visit and the governor. Tony when sandy came through the governor himself as he was touring through the damage -- really offered a lot of poignant memories of his own childhood. Spending time there is spending time -- in Atlantic City. Up and down the the boardwalk there but. Yeah I can say there is certainly a sense of determination that the spirit lives on in the Jersey Shore -- that childhood memories are memories that won't be forgotten but. There is a rebirth and and new memories to be made but I want to get your thoughts on TV has Governor -- and Prince Harry. It's like a very -- usual duo west -- -- in Iraq from what have you noticed. I -- whole lot of them but you know. Christie seemed very. Light on its feet when he jumped and it's -- half. That closed amen and yeah they had smiles on their face is I mean they got -- -- the carnival games with the kids and Christie is still -- Up to show and that's something about the locals here there heart strings that never get -- with the people who have. What born and raised here and the people who. Not necessarily live here but have been coming back and forth every summit hill the heart strings that don't seem to -- Get broken and so. You know when you see the governor and his excitement and -- that -- -- the -- -- for bringing you know royalty here. That's kind of heartfelt with everybody who was here today in what they showed up for Alice because they want the world to see that you know this is that place that we love and it's coming back and and and come and -- -- give money and spend some time and would it make you feel that this summer. Rapids very point great points it to illustrate their and the fact is we afterwards I guess some of the video that the governor -- the -- for playing a ball toss game with some of the kids there. Bomb outside and at town and that whether -- would of the event which is a mean great to see what an -- usual shot that is to see these. These these worlds figures -- side by side there. Com it's been a pretty serious of pretty somber trip though for the -- I mean obviously much different than the last time he was here in the United States obviously he certainly took some -- facility. Exploitive behavior that he had in Las Vegas but. Even with all the chaos in the excitement in people shouting his name around him the prince seems to stay very focused and very present in the moment. And as you've been pointing out the fact of of of giving a sign of encouragement and strength and support for people on the Jersey Shore and really -- -- on the entire East Coast still recovering from sandy. Yet -- because you know what he start his day. Actually looking at loss I mean before he came down to seaside heights to play games with the kids that you said he was up in -- looking and you you mentioned the number of houses they add more than 500 almost 600 houses. That were hit really hard by sandy but you know what and fifty homes there. Have to be demolished have to be taken down there's still so many families. Out of their homes at this point they don't know if they can rebuild they don't know when they can rebuild. And and sell heat I got a glimpse of that what you see those houses because -- walked -- looking several times sentencing Andy and it's sadness I mean every time those those that the -- is go to their homes and and there's still trying to retrieve things out of their homes. Before then -- -- I mean you see that sense of sadness you see dozens of melancholy and it all goes back to the heart strings of spending time of having your roots down here the shore and having those -- pulled up -- you don't know how. They're gonna be replanted. Serious trip indeed and obviously it's certainly something that the folks in the Jersey Shore definitely appreciate everyone. And New Jersey appreciates but I have to ask -- -- what are the chances the prince. Has got to stop by the shore house where of course Jersey Shore may very famous -- in the gang calling home. The royal family made it kind of comment about that -- -- make -- -- of pit stop along the way. You know let. Avoid bad. Even though it's needed but that this was standing on right now is actually the street that the reds came down on. And what he had his visit here he went that way I do at least -- at the house is that away. -- -- -- -- -- demand that it got to go to the Jersey Shore you gotta go to the spot art maybe the next -- -- are so what is the prince having his agenda for the rest of the day. I know that once he's done in New Jersey he's heading over to Manhattan than you -- have a lot of fun with it. -- that we will certainly we'll certainly it's sort of that as well Tony eight status seaside heights Tony make you so much we certainly appreciate that. Of course what a complete recap of the prince's visit here in the United States has been here for six days now spending some time in Washington DC. On in Colorado sticking up the warrior games for wounded veterans and now in New Jersey senior recovering cleanup efforts along the Jersey Shore from super storm -- and has. Tony had just mentioned he is now on routes up a little north up to Manhattan of course -- complete recap on ABC news. Dot com for now I'm Dan Cutler and New York with -- ABC news vigil special report. This has been a special report from ABC news did --

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{"id":19176646,"title":"Prince Harry Tours Storm-Damaged Jersey Shore ","duration":"11:38","description":"N.J. Gov. Chris Christie takes Prince Harry on a tour of Seaside Heights.","url":"/US/video/prince-harry-tours-storm-damaged-jersey-shore-19176646","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}