Private Eye Searches for $350K Ring

John Milano has been hired by a Florida couple to find the pricey ring.
2:09 | 01/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Private Eye Searches for $350K Ring
When most of us lose something we would come here to our local sheriff's office and file a police report. Well I'm Martin County couple lost something significant and they purposely chose not to do that. -- -- investigated a lot of things as a police officer and now private eye but this case is absolutely -- to him. We've got some strange requests cheating spouses. Missing vehicles missing items but never -- 350000. Dollar. You heard right and eleven Kerry jaw dropper -- ten -- dining in the middle flanked by Q -- diamonds. Valued at 350000. Dollars missing. The wife is extremely upset this is her engagement ring. She's extremely upset by this whole thing and all they do want is -- -- back. To put it in perspective this is a lot of those wife's two carat ring but missing one is five times this beauty. We went to a local jeweler who found is that the same size picture of bulky dying on your finger this one though is -- fake. The real one disappeared the week before Christmas and the distraught owner isn't sure -- -- lost stole it. They believe they put the ring in a cop on top of the Dresser. They did have some people in the house who we are investigating. We've done some polygraph exams and those people. The owners don't wanna go to deputies because their names would become public they're hoping 5000 dollar reward will -- -- -- While a lot though is open a crack a case he already won't ever -- Have you. -- A -- My home was 350000. Dollars and gap like I did in. Yeah I was able to live and it's. Not -- on your finger correct. Now here's something you might be thinking about were told that rain was uninsured so there is no money to collect with the claim. The private investigator -- you do not need to bring the ring here you have it just bring it to him and he'll pay out that reward no questions asked. Reporting in -- I'm Kathleen O'Toole WP DF 25 news.

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{"id":15305209,"title":"Private Eye Searches for $350K Ring","duration":"2:09","description":"John Milano has been hired by a Florida couple to find the pricey ring.","url":"/US/video/private-eye-searches-for-350k-ring-15305209","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}