Puerto Ricans remain isolated months after Hurricane Maria

Residents in Morovis, Puerto Rico, have been living without power for more than 100 days.
4:16 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for Puerto Ricans remain isolated months after Hurricane Maria
He would need so much out there. Many of them haven't seen anyone and when come visit them and I just can't hear me necessities. It's exciting week on this a hundred year old lady yesterday who. Probably not to park there was knowing. Batteries it's. Just something that I have never really an experienced news yeah. We're expecting that beneath that are way up in the mountains. Com there's still going to be people then have not seen in dodger and war are struggling for food water and most of the problems overseen the mountainside and let me basically does have access to those places. We're assessing right now. How we're gonna get sued the other side because again he's basically up there. This morning I just year and it wasn't like him around on a few hours. And the way or aren't. The local landmark I wearing I have to get my home. And I just to make it. Each time it rains this is what's gonna happen there's an emergency there there's no way for an ambulance to get there. This is happening a lot of pleasing but are we go. There's a sieve lined that the Caminiti has been using basic needs to. Tracked supplies from one site to the other. So right now one of our doctor business. For the lack of better return to test the waters he's gonna transit lines can sell down there it's gonna take a long time to get him right. Now he's there in the community so we had to go all the way around other municipalities. Team. Reds tonight. We're in the other side over who were. Warning and then turn is actually. Carter and love and war. It's impossible for me to go cross the river. This reality for this and here. So we're gonna call. The Democrats have been in American made available immediately come. Austin Gunnison with the Clinton obviously on very. Give Obama. On the house. Listen I am picnic on the yet. We're so not okay. Some worked better then them where in any definitely but still were not okay. We have a long wait ago. These are gonna have. It's it's gonna take a long time there's going to be some hurdles along the way for that's actually. Novak. He stable. And we're gonna be here engines and help them around.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Residents in Morovis, Puerto Rico, have been living without power for more than 100 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52036494","title":"Puerto Ricans remain isolated months after Hurricane Maria","url":"/US/video/puerto-ricans-remain-isolated-months-hurricane-maria-52036494"}